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Discussion in 'Wars' started by Valkyl_More_MaCHiNE, Feb 4, 2015.

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  1. Me and Larry and Chubby have RP sessions regularly during OSW..

    Larry is usually the Pink Ranger.. Chubby is the Patrick the Starfish.. And I'm Sailor Venus or the green powderpuff girl..

    Fun times
  2. Larry and chubby are good blokes too. Unfortunately during war friendship dissolved, but still have a lot of respect for them.
  3. So you had tags for a year? Couldnt afford a name change till they lose 250t? Then you happily drop tags
  4. N33za that was in fury was always humble and seemed decent,I always tried to give him crap about being a eb warrior and he explained everyone plays kaw different why he leave?
  5. Would you shut up you stupid noob. You're just farming posts on this and every other thread. You're not the host you idiot. Just give it a rest for a page or two. Really.
  6. Speak of what u know n leave the thinking to others. Or at least make a minimal effort n find out.
  7. Selfie ur soother get all dirty or what.
    Go toxic somewhere else would ya.As i said before bring out a build big enough to play n not one in diapers.
  8. I know you dropped tags soon as owwn got in a big osw. Yet you claim you werent owwn for a year, why the sudden urgency to drop tags? Dont lie, we all saw you tagged up ages
  9. I asked a Q of 2 ppl n not trollers answering for them. At least its in line with the forum.
  10. People that call you out are trollers? K den, least this troller isnt afraid of osw
  11. I was tagged longer than a year ago. I've had no dealings with Owwn since i started OwwN war clan. It failed n i moved on to other EE clans etc. My interests r not eb only. Does that suffice? If not go ask around for yourself in get it straight.
  12. Askin a Q is trolling since when?
    Answering for others is trolling just go ask Selfish she makes an art out of it.

    I apologize for going off topic answering others.
    I should know better answering trolls.

  13. Ok so now you've your chance ........

     uhm okay den

    Gotta love this girl, she's gonna wreck Fury all by herself, just like all the other clans she's been in 
  14. Your interests are post farming basically and ebs. Obviously not osw, we saw the tags fall. Ewar? You just said you failed there. Eb department looks alright
  15. You should make your own thread instead of hijacking every page of this one.
  16. Have u ever been on topic Miss Selfish?
    Grow I'll be waiting til its as big as ur yap.

    Once again i apologize answering off topic trollers.

    Anyone with issues or Q's or wanna smack talk can pm me instead of derailing this thread
  17. U somewhat succeed at trolling. Cos people keep replying to u. Unlike JB, who's trying too hard to look smarter than he evidently is :(
  18. Lol well i am in forums a lot n i must say OSW is fun biz 
    I was caught clanless after S4 n only tryin to keep updated on all this good stuff.

    Hard for outsiders sifting thru it all n makes for good reading.
  19. Miss live stripping u
  20. Yeah I'm not smart at all, you never said any of those things, I totally made them up 

    You're not embarrassing Fury at all 
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