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Discussion in 'Wars' started by Valkyl_More_MaCHiNE, Feb 4, 2015.

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  1. Harb u wanna hire your allys back? ... Btw ill toss a seal for you if you post a selfie of your tears after waking up, while ur clan was smashing hte
  2. I actually laughed at this.
  3. Oh my we have a fiesty one hows dirty larry 
  4. Pinned.

    Elvis wasnt
  5. We dont need help, but seems your alliance can't help themselves - hey lets farm another clan and bring more people into this - gold star for that one (slow clap everyone)

    Spin it how you like - Silver and Clan A have their own seperate reasons for wanting to war zaft, and i bet if honest - most of KaW would love to jump in. Seems past misconducts swept under the carpet arent forgotten after all 
  6. Good to see you involved Val. I do fear this means even less chance of actually getting hit back by one of these zafties now though .
  7. Vixen I think you all are missing the point. We don't care. You think people drop allies and changed builds for no reason? Open your eyes. We will haunt your alliance forever. You will never know peace. You think with share numbers hitting us it will have an affect? Don't you see what's happening? Go call the sick and the lame and everything in between. APOC Will realize this in time. Nothing you do will save you.
  8. Poor Harb,u got it backwards..we are the ones that will haunt zaft forever,there is nothing u can do to save zaft.
  9. Thing everyone is talking about is how we are wittnessing a "regime" change in kaw..many people over the last couple years have said it would take a huge alliance,if not most of kaw to take down zaft. Until now the want was always there..just not the numbers. " Zaft has bullied me" forum threads have clogged AT numerous times..every empire falls and now its their turn
  10. Alright, lets put this on pause.
    First off, I am pretty sure that Harby here needs quite a few hugs.
    Second, shouldn't WE be dropping allies and builds since you guys "haunt us" and we will never know peace?
    Third, Shared numbers hitting you? Correct me if I am wrong, and I might be, but from quite a few people (Some even in Zaft) you guys kinda called down this calamity on yourselves. Even in your threatening posts, you call out others and try to make yourself sound self-righteous. Put it this way,

    YOU have nothing left to lose, because you have already lost it.
    YOU can't do anything to save yourself, let alone those under you who are beginning to understand the malicious intent that leaks and spreads from your very essence.

    A man wronged in such a way, that he would not only raze his enemy if he can reach them, but would raze even his own kingdom, his people, and their livelihoods to the ground for his own sick satisfaction.

    What type of leader does that show? Are you trying to act as though you are indomitable? As though you have no fear? Isn't that what got you in this situation in the first place? This war will be long and hard. There will be many tears, many curses, silences, forum bans, strips and all of the like. People will come and go into it, but only for THEIR OWN REASONS. Even though I am a lowly grunt, maybe it was time you saw this war through a grunt's eyes.
  11. I actually quoted Val lol but that about sums it all up this is the end for yal whether its a year from now or just around the corner.. Nothing will save your alliance
  12. Haha so now all those who cried 'Zaft bullied me' in the past finally gathered enough excuses (so they don't apear hypocritical to general public) and decided to take revenge. All together. Because it makes them think they can win this way. This is fun
  13. Let's see who dies first . Later
  14. That.. sounds like a threat.... Technically, didn't you already kick the bucket first?
    You left Zaft for a few days and were inactive... sooo...

  15. Technically, apoc is full of osw runners. Debeau, ice, pretty much whole warlor and hog..just to name a few. I can even provide u with links to walls where u can see cf requests recently posted by current apoc 'warriors'. But it will make it rather too real for u I bet huh lol
    If I leave Fury for ee war, or to do some weird eb while camping and Mia or something, will u call me a runner too? Since u're so into technicalities
  16. Valk was stating was why clan a jumped in. Obviously there not band wagon jumpers or our entire family would have jumped in.
    This also proves that apoc had not ask for any help.
    So spin this any way u like. Keep the butthurt strong.
    Although it is kinda sad when my news is full of apoc names because they can't find targets in there OSW out of pin.

  17. OP I just want to cuddle with you :3 Anyways, ZAFT/Fury are still doomed. Have fun boys and gals.
  18. Oh and Valk, cute story. Super cute and touching..How about this version: U send alts to fv (even after osw starts), u take off to ur 'little ee clan'. Runner gets hit. U got ur self a reason to join what u think is a winning war against a clan that u never had️️to hit on ur own. If anyone leaves during osw it's a must to inform an admin of where u're going. I'm not sure if ur clan is disciplined that way but u will get there, as long as u don't leave osw (again) too soon, ok? Lol
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