Clan A HQ Thanks FURY

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Valkyl_More_MaCHiNE, Feb 4, 2015.

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  1. Clan A HQ Thanks FURY

    Clan A HQ would like to thank Fury and Fury's Vengeance for inviting us to their OSW.

    Here's the Point form Version of events:

    -When last Zaft war ended, an agreement was made that if one side broke CF we'd all have each other's backs if Zaft tried to divide and conquer our respective groups.

    -So when I logged into KAW one morning and saw Harb stripped 300 T, I PM our allies and say, ok, we honour our agreements, who we hit? The stripping into Apoc clans has been going on for months and months, wasn't a complete surprise.

    -I'm politely told, Apoc wants to do this on their own and don't want us jumping on. Ok, we respect our allies, we're out.

    - Couple of 3 monthes ago A Zaft LB stripped and farmed A member of ours over an ally hire, identical program as the multiple same events on Apoc members, Zaft tells us we don't have a CF, cause we left our old alliance, which is crap, then we are included again in the CF.

    -A Fury member strips and farms a Clan A and a HiT member for shards last event, great reason, so some hitting ensues and then that's sorted.

    - Yesterday an old member CF from zaft war and comes to our little EE clan, has some personal reasons, or whatever. Fury admin call him a runner, we ok with that. They farm him, again, that's their business. They talk to our admins and we relay his story, and tell them he's an old member of ours yadda yadda, they dispute the story, again, we ok with that. Fury decides to bully and farm up and down our little EE war clan roster including our clan owner. We aren't OK with that.

    So, we're here again. I actually like a lot of Zaft from last war, they have some great ppl...but it's the same story, Zaft LB strip around KAW with out a care in the world for the agreements their clans make, by contrast Apoc polices their own LB if they hit/hire anyone. Simple solution, they get stripped.

    Now, also it seems Fury likes to pick fights with everyone, like they didn't
    have enough clans whacking them already, or enough targets they had to hit us. So we hit them. We're happy with that.
  2. Who are you? If you wanted to join,join then don't make up a story.Real brave coming at us with many clans on us already, wonder if you'd do the same 1v1?Anyway good luck better have tried
  3. O snap,it just got real.
  5. Couple of "monthes" ago?
  6. you quoted the entire op for the purpose of pointing out a grammatical error...

    you bring new meaning to the term "forum fairy".
  7. <3 It was an accident
  8. He just farms posts.
  10. Huh? I must have missed all this up and down rostas farming at clan A. Knowing nothing about this it looks like another clan scrambling on the band wagon. Take a ticket and get in line. We let this slide we let that slide crap. Only now do u come when u sense an opportunity. This is what kaw sees. Don't try and kid urself otherwise.
  11. Lmao
  12. Seriously, stop quoting the entire players post when it's only a post above yours, it's pointless and spammy and only clogs up a page.

  13. Alternatively don't say anything just hit
  14. Exactly Val. This didn't need a thread. They are just trying to appear like a victim
  15. Good luck all they do is change banners and pin on hte 
  16. @APOC Alliance, is there any other clan you would like to call to your aid? We all know the truth lol. Begging for help after 2 weeks? Lmao. Think begging more to help you will make this end? You are sadly mistaken 
  17. It's a game guys.... Chill
  18. Harb.. Apoc are kinda the ones who started this lmao. I doubt they want it to end yet..
  19. Whoooohooooo.

    Hey HK, told you it would be hilariously funny to watch this unfold
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