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  1. We have Halloween sets and we have a fall/thanksgiving set with the deer set now we need a Christmas set! Charms and furniture aren’t leaving so myswell ask for them.

    Christmas set.

    Middle Room
    -gingerbread throne
    -gingerbread stairs
    -gingerbread pillars
    -Christmas tree side pieces/gum drop tree
    -candy rug

    Left room
    -candy cane weapon
    -wreath top left
    -presents in armor slot
    -jingle bells bottom left
    -stockings middle left

    Right Room
    -Christmas light chandelier
    -snowman pet/reindeer
    -gum drop pet food
  2. Or zombified reindeer as pet
  3. Please no. Cute stuffs
  4. If the pet is a Red nosed reindeer and the pet food is a pile of green hay and red apples then you have my support! My friend in Alaska has a reindeer that "visits" her farm :3 on a side note.
  5. S U P P O R T ! ! ! Omg that'd be awesome!!
  6. Because this so much more needed than all the fixes the devs need to make to this game
  7. How about a monstrous snowman or jorathes smaller brother the yeti but more scarier
  8. Chloe why not? I don't think ata won't do cute stuff here but the other game they have yeah. Maybe a muscled up reindeer
  9. Yeah but they don’t do those things so what you do is ask for stuff they actually care about and maybe you’ll get something!
  10. Or have Rudolph the red nose reindeer mutant as a pet that be neat :)
  11. Wtf? We’re playing PiMD now? I mean the furniture was already quite the stretch but now we’re doing “cute stuff”? Jesus this game has fallen farther that I thought 
  12. Sounds good, would be interesting to see :)
  14. Wow this thread got killed by this guy XD
  15. Cute stuff yes 
  16. I'm about to vomit.
  17. This isn't pimd... I don't like cute stuff I want scary stuff like a demonic Santa or reindeer skull throne
  18. Normal pet “demonic” top 10 Pet can be not so