Christmas Story

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  1. Washed up means that they once were something important, unlike yourself.
  2. Teach me how to send pics in pms
  3. whatever v. On a third party app. The one that shall not be named. Everybody knows what I meant.
  4. I have never been "washed up" like Barbie or you Val. Never needed to seek attn. I play my game, and in this thread calling out liars. Zeth is a proven "need attn freak". That is a proven fact
    While I may or may not like Lil or Rony, and not knowing them, their forum threads have had some validity to them
  5. I'm sorry do you have trouble reading, do you see an al in my name? And you aren't washed up, you just have never been anything important to become washed up.
  6. Calling it. This is a Roni and/or Lili Alt. Only they themselves could think terrible grammar, stale subject manner, and terrible attempts at greatness could have validity.

    Need attn freak? Is it hard to spell attention?

    I get the attention I need making quality material. What about you?
  7. Zeth don't be mean to the redstar wannabe
  8. Honestly, it isn't even fulfilling. It's like winning a fight with a midget, who is also mentally impaired. No sport in it.
  9. He'd rather go catfishing. That's a sport alright 
  10. And oh, we all love Zeth's thread's (cough/choke) wanna be great threads. What are they again? Please enlighten us all
  11. One you excel in.
  12. I can't name any :-/ TL;DR or TS;DC
  13. I would tell you, but I don't particularly want you finding them, lest you troll them as you have here.

    So thanks but no thanks. Find them on your own.
  14. My favourite thing about luckstar is he only ever calls out people way smaller than himself, probably had a heart attack when he saw someone near his own size call him out.
  15. Exactly. Zeth proving he has made crap threads all have found to be annoying. Thanks for proving my point Zeth loser
    And I post with a main. Had I not V, you would call me a statless alt crying in forums. So which is it you pathetic loser? Here I am V, whatcha gonna do you pansie wanna be
  16. bwahaha sounds like u v.
  17. Loser. Good insult.

    Crap threads. Right. Ones that people have signed up to be in. Where I have interviewed Devs and VK's, with overwhelming support from my beautiful public.

    Right. Keep calling names and being jealous. You and roni and boots deserve each other.
  18. She says as I'm calling out someone bigger than myself... Sounds legit.