Christmas Story

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  1. Oh really stupid? Proved my point to everyone
  2. Stupid? Are you intoxicated?

    This is not the OP. And as you noticed, I denounced it as a copy pasta.

  3. Sounds like ur speaking from experience on the VD situation
  4. THIS is where I quoted the whole OP, fixing every grammar mistake for the sake of enraging Lili and apparently yourself. I guess I succeeded.
  5. I am not a grammar nazi like you and can move on. You with OCD and other problems who have to point out, well, be happy with yourself. Barbie seems like a good match for you btw
  6. Keep saying the same things over and over again. I'm done reading insults with a nine year old who is upset over photos I have posted, and OP's that I have jokingly fixed.

    You have the intelligence of a rock. An easily offended rock that has no basis for being offended. Good night you illiterate.
  7. my ending was better. Cause she stayed there with the security guard waiting on her brother.
  8. Let's see some more Zeth pics please to make us all like him. Yep, that's the ticket to win ppl's attn in kaw
    And ones where you have to defend yourself saying they are real. Then add ones with a so called brother to make us all think they really are real. Omg you cry for attn far too much
  9. Completely sexist! If he had been a chick you would not make such accusations. And you don't even know my sexual preference! Maybe Zeth has you sexually confused and that is why youre being rude unprovoked. Scared to come out of the closet so you resort to insulting people randomly on tap tap games. Such a big strong man like Roni with a brain even less substantial that LiLi nonexistent ass.
  10. my ass is glorious

    again, post urs if u think it's better
  11. And ppl like you washed up player who changed names, then posted pics on Ashes pic thread as a blonde. You are so fake, and everyone knows it
  12. This isn't all a cry for attention??? Uh huh.

    I don't need to prove to anybody who I am. And if posting a picture of myself in Forums is triggering you, you should go attack everybody on that thread too. This again leads me to think you are meaninglessly angry, and therefore not worthy of my time.

    Rest easy. Try not to rage too much.
  13. Lol I've never posted a pic of myself on forums  I change my hair colors with the seasons so I haven't been blonde since early 2015 

    You're stories are about as accurate as Ronis 
  14. Yes you did washed up Barbie, and you were called out on it being a fake. Deny all you want, it's already been proven you are a liar. Enjoy. As for Zeth, he likes to post pics and get attn in forums. Where have you ever seen me in 5 yrs seek attn? I'm calling out liars and attn seekers ATM. And I have valid reason to. Both of which you fit into
  15. Hmmmmmm known liar? What have I lied about. I'm extremely honest to a fault and forthcoming 

    I've never posted pics of myself on threads

    You seem jealous of others that like who they are.
  16. You should scroll Ashes thread then of when you posted 2 pics, posing as a blonde chic. Liar
  17. ... Ashes included gifs "of me" in a significant amount of his threads. But as I have said twice already, I HAVE NEVER POSTED A PIC OF MYSELF IN ANY THREAD. Do you think you have the capability to comprehend simple English? Or do I need to find someone that can translate it into "Village Idiot" so you understand?
  18. she posts plenty of uncensored pics in pm's
  19. Yet again another accusation.