Christmas Story

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  2. Anyways, here is another story. My friend told me this one.
    His family lived in an appartment in a small town in Russia.  He was 15 at that time and had an 8 year old brother who was obsessed with Santa. Around New Years that's all he was talking about.
    It was December 30th and the little boy kept raving about Santa.. "Santa this, Santa that" My friend was a typical teenager annoyed to death with all that Santa talk. His little brother finally said that he was going to stay up on New Years Eve all night so he could see Santa. That put the end to my friend's patience.. "What Santa? Are u stupid? There is no Santa, dumbo.. He doesn't exist! Do u understand?! Grow up!"... His brother became quiet, looked at him with sad eyes and went to bed...
    Again, the appartment was small and the boys slept in one room. My friend stayed up a bit texting with his friends and setting up a lil New Years get together.. Room was hot, he kicked off his blankets and fell asleep... He woke up in the middle of the night cause it was increadibly cold. He heard somebody crying and turned around to check on his brother.. His bed was empty. Stumbling in the dark he went into the living room following the sobbing sounds.. His brother was standing next to the tree with his head down crying his heart out..
    My friend became ashamed  of what he said last night "hey buddy, don't cry.. if u believe Santa exists, he exists! Look, I am sorry I said it. Forget about it, ok?"
    "Why did u say that he doesn't exist?" answered his brother... His crying stopped and he turned around his face frozen in a grimace and his eyes glazed "Now he is going to come for U. TO MAKE U NOT EXIST!!!" He finished screaming in a deep unnatural voice...
    My friend startled and opened his eyes... "Oh god.. it was a dream.." he looked at his brother's bed where he was peacefully snoring... "What a nightmare" he thought..
    The next morning he helped his mom around the house, did some chores, met with his friends.. Then he got back home and the family met New Years together.. His little brother was so tired from all the excitement that he crawled into bed and fell asleep forgetting about staying up all night to see Santa. Even a phone call from the hospital didn't wake him up. My friend's uncle had an accident. So his parents had to leave the kids at home and rush to the emergency room... "What a way to kick off New Years" thought my friend as he went to lay down..
    As soon as he was in bed he lost all sleep.. He kept thinking about the dream he had the night before. Finally he drifted off.. just to be woken up by bone chilling cold again.. He looked at his brother's bed and little guy was shaking and twitching under his blankets.. "Buddy, are u ok?'' my friend asked him..
    "Somebody is watching us" said his little brother. "Look at the door"..
    The door to their room was open slightly.. and darkness poured through it.. he could see nothing, which was strange by itself because the lights on the New Years tree in the living room still should have been lit. He kept peering into that darkness getting more and more freaked out.. Suddenly the lights on the tree in the living room turned on and he saw it.. A creature was standing in the doorway.. tall, skinny, long arms... face with a huge forehead, long jaw.. thin mouth stretched in a grin showing long yellow teeth.. glowing eyes fixated on him...
    He was so scared he pulled the blanket over his head and closed his eyes shut. He heard heavy slow footsteps approaching his bed.. then somebody started to pull on his blanket.. He yelled on top of his lungs putting all his fear into that scream... He heard the front door open and his dad rushing in asking what the hell is going on.. He opened his eyes and there was no creature.. His brother was pulling on his blankets..
    He told his parents what happened and everybpdy was convinced that it was an extremely vivid nightmare... It was January 1st. Time to open presents.
    My friend unwrapped a box with his name on it. It was exactly what he wanted.. that and a note: "Congratulations! U got lucky!
    But if u are going to misbehave again..
    I am going to TAKE U!
    Happy New Year!"

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  4. A tale of killerbill
    It all started one Christmas eve. A young man stayed up late that evening. He was a college student and not a really good one. Actually he spent a few years in college still deciding on his major and was not that young anymore, plus he had a beer belly.
    He didn't go home for holidays but stayed in his dorm spending time on claw (an online game). Mostly hanging in wc and another third party app. His name was killerbill.
    So his excuse for not spending time with his family was that wc and claw in general needed his expertise and opinions. U see, killerbill was a moderator. Was he a good one? Not really.. so and so. Allowing bypasses to his friends, closing eyes on bullying behavior of his claw girlfriend (u read right, there is such thing as claw girlfriend), on the other hand silencing and forum banning everybody else who had different opinion and free thinking mind.
    So killerbill stayed up late chatting in third party app... His friend -z- was there too. They were having good time laughing at some unfortunate noob. Turned out killerbill and -z- lived in the same city only 30 mins away from each other. That was the last thing that killerbill read. He asked -z- what he was going to do Christmas day. Looked like -z- was trying to type the answer but he never did. That seemed a lil weird. -z- usually had the last word in a conversation. But the chat and wc were pretty dead and killerbill decided to log off and go to bed. In about an hour he got a phone call via that third party app. At first he thought it was one of his clan buddies alerting him of a strip. Notification showed that the missed phone call was from -z-. Curious, killerbill logged into a third party app. There was a message from -z- "Man, u won't believe what just happened. I have something important to show u"
    "What is it about?" typed in killerbill
    "It's about rori. U gotta see that" Rori was a player that killerbill, -z-, vootsy and a few others really despised.
    "I can come over right now. U won't be sorry" said -z-.
    "Sure" said excited killerbill.
    As he waited for his friend he received a message from his gf vootsy.
    "Omg, have u heard? -z- had a horrible accident while driving and clawing last night. He is dead"
    "What?" said killerbill. "He is coming over. I just had a conversation with him"
    "Run!" said vootsy. "It's not -z-. -z- is dead!"
    At that moment killerbill heard the door in his dorm open... Scared he decided to hide under the bed even though the beer belly was in the way. He squeezed himself into the narrow opening.
    He heard footsteps closer and closer to bed. Then he saw a pair of hairy bluish-white bare feet... He could see hairs on blue toes... His phone suddenly vibrated and a loud notification popped up.
    Message from -z-: "Where are u?!"
    The feet stopped and turned towards killerbill...
    The end
  5. how mature, lel
  6. All i can say is the new Goosebumps series is back . A fab read . They get more terrifying with each episode.