Christmas Story

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  1. I 'Santa' letter to father Christmas once
  2. You seem to post that SS everytime you get desperate...
  3. I reckon I've got a better ass than you ? plus you could've just easily got that off the internet, just like any catfish. I can be anyone I want on the Internet,
  4. 10 times now, and every time she does post it's because she is getting slammed and has no comebacks lol.
  5. Just think it's hilarious. Matches Barbie's name perfectly. Barbie a.k.a. Plastic
  6. Everyone has a better ass than her because she doesn't have an ass
  7. I assume you think you're name matches and that you are a pain in other people's rear, do you like to try and be a pain in other people's rear because you yourself don't have a rear? That's a pretty unique psychological issue
  8. lmao riiighht u got me. Le duh
  9. i always avoid reading horror storys because i am easyily unnerved and get chills easyily and believe you should never tamper with evil .but Lilys cute n cosy christmas pictures drawed me in .and i couldnt stop reading them from start to finish .Lili's wording makes the readers so engaged you cant put it down . The 3rd one was my favourate . proving how MultiDimensional and talented Lili is and is a dab hand at everything haha ! Bootsy in your face !
  10. Here's my jolly christmas story :-

  11. What I miss while I was getting a nose job this morning
  12. you missed v flirting with me !!
  13.  naughty naughty
  14. You missed lonis forum ban too I hear
  15. which of the many reasons did she get banned?
  16. What? Lol.. umm I worked for almost 24 hours and then slept. Have no idea what u are ranting about.
    And speaking of ban, -V- and BarbieFoundTheWiskey, leave mythread as u two are derailing it and have nothing to contribute to its Christmas storytelling topic.
  17. Actually if you read the thread you and Roni are the ones who derailed it and kept bringing mine and bootys name up which means we were within our right to reply to the comments. So therefore I'm just gonna stay and talk about this lovely Christmas story. Roni should go for derailment tho.
  18. This happened to me lmao.