Christmas Story

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  1. you are such a pathetic idiot v .i hit your -v-illain account for a week non stop. when you was on it and you didnt hit back at all.and big accounts know i hit them .just ask puns dkod and warlock and troll machine and kingLeonadas-TS and 2 nonths ago i fighted Kiwipower from Kruezritter . i even have a warlock comment on my wall when we fighted . your lies back fire on you -V-wally
  2. xD when we 'Fighted' you so stooopidddd
  3. Oh wow someone said you hit good for you, maybe you become washed up or got to obsessed with the forums to actually hit anymore. But remember on that other thread where you and Lili the wannabe you got caught lying about outgoing hits?
  4. remember? The thread where v posted a feed from another account and got caught? 
  5. Gonna start calling lili loni
  6. u are way off with ur statement v. Do u need a GPS to find where the heck u are going with it?
  7. No I don't remember that, I remember the thread where you got caught lying and used that as a way to back track despite the SS having the not widely used carrier service as me, similar battery % as ss I posted within the same hour and the same tz as me among how many other things. Cmon loni everyone knows you reported fake outgoing
  8. Lili you claimed you stripped me of 400b from you and roni, which never happened to me. You pry on people who don't/didn't use forums so they can't say they didn't get hit/stripped tbbh.
  9. as i said above i fighted KiwiPower from kruezritter 2 months ago .so your lies back fire on you. just ask horsetheif
  10. Always "just ask" "just ask" "just ask". That's how desperate you are for approval
  11. you have to feel sorry for tanked and zethor and v .both getting used by bootsy to back her up.she could only come on forums with them in tow.she soon shut up when the screenshot was put up .and she needed them to put her busted ego back together again.what sad n pathetic lapdogs they are.
  12. When loni showed her ass I wasn't sure if it was an ass or an ironing board.

  13. Huh? I ignore u dummy. Never claimed I stripped u lolol
    Screenshot it and post it plz.
  14. v im sorry to burst your bubble i already got the seal of approvel check my hire price..
  15. Cmon Roni, just cause you are getting your ass handed to you(I tried to hand loni hers but i couldn't find it) doesn't mean you have to get so desperate as pulling the lapdog card, we clash in forums constantly. Bootsy isn't relevant to this conversation between us.
  16. Cool hire price, check mine. Hire prices are the new way to see if you are an awesome player I guess.
  17.  I'm dead
  18. yet my ass is relevant
  19. it might not be huge. I don't do plastic surgeries like bootsy. But there is nobody here with a better one. And it's still in ur face!
  20. It is relevant because what he wrote before that matched up with you having a slab of pork as an ass. Still haven't got a picture of you yet. Still waiting you 13 year old catfish.