Christmas Story

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  1. IKR.
  2. Tank, will you tell me a bedtime story and I MIGHT use my mom's credit card to buy 1 crystal so you can spy bomb me.
  3. No ISS didn't reject me, I said don't worry about it because I found X Factor. And I'm not kissing anyone's ass, I would expand but I keep getting unknown result.
  4. Well, it's far past my bedtime, and I have work tomorrow. Luckstar is not worthy of the air he wastes or the precious attention that he craves, while claiming others do the same. Therefore I am ignoring his childish self, who claims that others are attention seekers, simply because he has no self confidence. Makes sense.

    You sir, are an idiot. Good day.
  5. that's cute. Cause after i.s.s rejected u, u found another clan and changed ur name to have their tags in it. Then went to simple tanked and xfactor.

    Do u feel better when u lie to urself?
  6. ^Tanked is doing the very opposite of kissing people's butts.
    If anything he is making it so people detest him.
  7. Lili, I was in Bad_Boys and then my mate was in hospital because he had a rupture in his brain, he has a level 4 AVM. In intensive care, so I was looking for another clan, I left bad_boys and dropped tags, then talked to cyn, and then told him what I said above. I joined X Factor about 2 days after I left Bad_Boys, and at that time Cyn said he was talking to council. Proven wrong.
  9. U keep telling urself that 
  10. Why "prove" Pain wrong? Lol they're baiting you and its working.
  11. To bad you aren't me or Cyn, so you haven't a clue what happened.
  12. Not sure 'baiting' is the correct terminology. Anyway, why not prove her wrong? Why make her live her life on a basis of lies of which no one can tell her the truth because she is so thick headed and stubborn?
  13. To truly "beat" someone on the internet who's stubborn or thickheaded, as you say, you ignore them. That's when their whole character begins to break.
  14. tank im not forum banned dummy i was sleeping. and you seem to forget how you buddy requested me and was kissing up to me in p/m. zethor is a copycat of hazzy and willy deuce copying the interviews .And zeth stole kaw artwork ask Troll machine ! and v is a copycat of val . both dont have any of their own identity.
  15. seeing roni in the forum triggers me
  16. i love this screenshot .Bootsy proven to be a liar ! and owned !!!
  17. I still laugh every time I see it 
    Hey bootsy, how bout them crunches for the tummy? 
  18. Copycat of Val, didn't know Val meant V for Vendetta. Learn new things everyday. Val also had a totally different play style than I had. If you want to see a copycat just look at lili who seems to try and copy you, have no idea why tho cause you can't find the attack button. *waits for cries that you hit my small alt that one time*
  19. This thread is so disturbing and scary