Christmas Story

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  1. First of all, are you drunk? Your comments make no sense.

    Second of all, you're the one flaming.

    Third of all, it's quite obvious that he is a meanie jerk face butthead loser. You sir, are a mere child, the evidence is plain to see.

    Fourth of all, talk about buttbuddies, you and Lili seem to have decided you're attached at the flat ass.

    Fifth of all, you're speaking like Yoda. "Small mind I know you have."

    And also, quit editing your posts after you comment. It makes you seem like a coward, which you are. Get the balls to say it up front first.
  2. Unlike you. You're totally relevant, with two other accounts on KaW who support you.
  3. Lili I'm not just more relevant than you, I'm more relevant than your clan and that isn't my ego talking, even tanked is more relevant than that.
  4. [​IMG]

    Cause zeth doesn't edit his posts
  5. And V, when u were sitting in i.s.s with ur account u didn't squeak out a word about it being irrelevant
  6. Hey Lili, where's your girlfriend Roni? Surprised she's not here. Oh wait... Isn't she forum banned? 
  7. It was necessary there, as the "I" was accidentally a J. I did not add any information or insults after the fact, when I knew somebody was typing a response, which is a slimy move, fitting for him.
  8. This solidifies it. Luckstar is a child, age 9-12, hurling terrible insults and repetitive brain mush over and over again. He is to be ignored, not encouraged.

    In closing, show me one thread you've made that has received praise? Just one? One that is popular? I'm all ears.
  9. Seems like there's a ton of salt going on.
  10. And not praise from Lili and/or Roni, as they would praise you if you constantly put out brain cancer inducing stupidity... Oh wait.
  11. 5/5/0 Sct p:00
  12. An absolute ton.
  13. Hey tanked, after i.s.s rejected u, whose ass are u trying to kiss? Lolol
    salty much?
  14. Great. Draguen's Realm were starting to slack, pls try to make me cf.

    Wait wait edit. So I can add something irrelevant like my tz. Oh wait, nothing to strip
  15. No, I was just running bars on the savage strip while also talking in cc.
  16. Insult Lili's ass. She'll spy bomb you and fail half of the time.
  17. If I do, will she make me drop stats? I still dunno how people "make" others drop stats. :|
  18. No. She'll just hurl herself at you with wild abandon.
  19. Daddy issues? Goddamn these typos.
  20. If I get unknown result one more time ffa