Christmas Story

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  1. What am I gonna do? Well my dear redstar I am going to have my fun with you
  2. Did I say redstar? I mean luckstar my bad, it's just so confusing when you tried so hard to look like a red alt.
  3. Play nice now. He is real man. We is just attn seeking loserz.

  4. Omg  I was laughing so hard  I spilt my water 
  5. You the only one looking stupid. Same name for over 5 yrs. You the only one ever to call me Redstar alt. shows again your intelligence in this game. Try again please.
    I'm beginning to think that Zeth and V (****** discharge) were the same person
  6. Lili, I'm surprised you didn't spill your water after you posted that pic of whiskey 7 times. :roll:
  8. I didn't call you a redstar alt. I said you tried hard to look like one.
  9. Damn. That was so classic Zeth. I am so enlightened by that stupid gif. Please send more to us all to show your intelligence
  10. You know the sad thing? You're ass is flatter than the phone screen on the phone you took that SS with.
  11. Jimmies rustled much?

    Thought so. Enjoy your loneliness, you envious, raging, mentally impaired wannabe. You are truly a sight to see.
  12. I thought Zeth said goodbye on this thread long ago. Guess his panties in a bunch and just can't let go like his butt buddy V. We can see a similarity going on now. Right all?
  13. support
  14. I for one have never even talked to V before this.

    Nice attempt to rally the crowd.

    Panties in a bunch is your trademark, not mine. You're the one who started the whole confrontation.

    I'll let go when you cease your stupidity. So... Never.

    Also, you keep ignoring that you were still wrong for your supposed original reason for getting irate.

    Good job, you've achieved maximum idiocy and minimum respect.
  15. Again, why trying to imply I'm a wanna be Redstar alt? Is that the best you can come up with? Small mind I know you have, but must I again say that I am a 5 yr old acct and same name since start? You are just trolling with comments that are of no fact and accusing to distract from the real truth you are a jerk flamer
  16. Did you say something NotRed?
  17. V is just trying to be relevant 