Christmas Story

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  1. Christmas Story
    - I want a little toy horse on wheels.. so I can put my doll on it and roll it around like a princess.. and I want a little turtle and an aquarium.. not too big though.. just with one gold fish in it..


    Little girl was sitting on Santa's lap, smiling as she kept talking in a rush..
    - I don't like chocolate cake. I want vanilla one with lots of icing. Oh and a carriage for my doll.. and I want a tea set so I can have tea parties...


    She kept talking, pulling a little on Santa's fake beard, moving it away from her face.. She was talking for a couple of hours already. The clock at the mall was showing 10:30 pm.. The line to Santa's village disappeared as disgranted parents left with their kids unable to get their turn.. Stores closed and the mall slowly emptied. The girl kept talking.
    - A new watch with Care Bears on it. Sunshine bear is my favorite. And I want...
    The girl suddenly stopped as she felt a man's hand gripping her by her little leg..
    - What are u doing?
    She looked at Santa in surprise.. "Hahahaha..." A cold deep laugh echoed through the empty mall.... Santa pulled down his beard.. A face with beedy eyes, lips stretched in a green, yellow crooked teeth was staring back at her.. The grip on her little leg became stronger..


    -What are u doing? U are Santa. U are supposed to be good..
    The girl struggled against his red coat, trying to get free from a painful grip..
    - What do u think? U are the only one with wants? Santa wants something too..
    His face got closer to hers.. she could smell the rot in his breath.. The grip on her leg becoming stronger, painful, intolerable..
    The emptiness of the mall echoed the sound of a snapping bone... the sound that no one can ever forget... followed by... nothing... no scream was heard..
    Blood poured on white trimming of Santa's coat as the girl was squeezing his neck, his head hanging unnaturally to the side, little fingers digging into the flesh of his throat...
    -Bad Santa, said the girl. And another movement of little hand twisted Santa's head towards the back...
    The girl stood up and wiped her hands on Santa's coat.. Then she skipped down the hall towards the exit...
    - Hey, u... Where are ur parents? The security guard tried to get her attention. Wait, it's cold outside. Where is ur coat?
    The girl turned around and cheerfully said, "I don't have parents. I killed them. I live with my brother. We are going to meet him soon". A cold breeze rushed through the mall. Doors locked.

    Share ur Christmas story :p

  2. Whoa what a twist at the end! Are you M. Night shamalongalong?
  3. This disturbed me greatly.

    Not that it was well written. It was not. Not that it was engaging, or the characters were interesting, they were not, and not even because of the blood and such. I watched that Norwegian Santa film and got enough of that, no no.

    It's because it took a truly disturbed mind to create this. I was expecting a lovely Christmas story. You fooled me. Bravo, with your terribleness.

    8/10 on shock factor alone. It still sucked though.
  4. ^I concur
  5. Well, I'm glad little girls don't exsist.
  6. As am I. Can you imagine?
  7. Let OP imagine T_T
  8. Since you wrote with such big lettering my eyes now think the normal size is very tiny. 
  9. Same.
  10. Great story.. Support!..
  11. sounds like it's inspired by supernatural. Lilith, anyone?
  12. No support. Calling a psychologist for OP.
  13. I am gonna farm u.
  15. I grew up in Russia. If u are not familiar with our traditions, we celebrate New Years. That's when we decorate tree and a Russian version of Santa brings presents. Our Christmas is in January and is purely religious holiday.
    This story I am gonna tell u happened for real on New Years Eve...

    We lived in a little house back then in suburbs. My dad worked in another city. It was a bit of a drive so he rented an appartment there where he stayed when he was swamped at work... So that particular New Years Eve he stayed in the city working on a project. My mom and I got our New Years tree out, stood it in a corner and started decorating it..
    I was bit bumped because dad was not there. But I got more and more excited as we were putting lights on the tree and hanging decorations. It looked pretty good.
    We were expecting company the next day. A bunch of relatives were supposed to come and celebrate with us... So my mom told me to go to bed early. I said good night and saw her walking into her room down the hall as I went into mine. I turned the lights off and laid in bed.
    I was trying hard to fall asleep but I couldn't. After about an hour of tossing and turning in my bed I heard heavy footsteps in the kitchen. Thinking my mom couldn't sleep either I opened the door... just to find her also coming out of her room.
    - I thought u were in the kitchen, - I said.
    - No, I just came out of my room. I thought it was u. I wanted to tell u to go to bed.
    At that moment we both heard the footsteps again.. My mom's face turned pale. She shoved me behind her back and started moving towards the kitchen.. When she turned the light on, the kitchen was empty..
    I was too scared to sleep on my own so I climbed into my mom's bed. We turned off the light and both tried to sleep. Suddenly we heard the same footsteps in the kitchen. Scared I pulled myself against my mom. The heavy dragging steps started moving down the hall.. closer and closer to our room.. My mom grabbed me and pulled me against her chest... The door slowly opened. The New Years tree in the living room was casting just enough light for us to see a strange figure standing in the doorway. It was not exactly human. It had short legs and long arms.. we could see strands of tangled hair.. I was so scared I closed my eyes and and hid my face against my mom's chest. She held me tight and started praying in a low trembling voice.. repeating again and again... "our Father who art in heaven hallowed be Thy Name..." idk how long she was praying.. I heard the door finally close and she let go of me..
    My mom called my dad and after explaining what had happened he raced to see us. No need to explain that the next day we were quite shaken. Our relatives came as was planned. We fixed the table.
    But everybody could tell something was wrong. My grandma especially.. My mom was hesitant at first, then she told about our experience the night before. Everybody was quiet for a bit.
    Then my grandma said:
    - What u saw last night was Domovoy. They can be good or angry. U probably disturbed his peace setting up the tree in his corner. So he was angry.

    That's all, folks.
  16. Good ole domovois. Cheeky, yet up for a Netflix and chill.
  17. Not bad. Punctuation sucks. But not too bad.