Christmas Promo!

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  1. Happy Holidays! For limited time, from December 25th until December 30th, following EBs will have 33% increased plunder, as well as Unlimited Health Crystal usage:
    • The Netherking (will be available for the duration of the whole promo)
    • Zelgarad the Accursed
    • Haunting: The Escape
    • Revenge of the Warbeasts
    Also make sure to login to receive some Holiday presents! Thanks for playing!

  2. 33%, ya knownya want that
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  3. So many free xtal🤤
  4. Thanks! Let’s get these upgrades

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    by Spragga
    on Sun Jun 10, 2012 1:48 am

  6. What’s significant about the number 33? Seems kind of random to set that as the plunder bonus.
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  7. 33% = 1/3 of 100%...
  8. You might need to update your bbcoding mate:

  9. Let him live his life. This forum is a wild land
  10. Lol yea you’re right man.
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