Christmas Movies

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  1. What's your favorite and least favorite christmas movie?
    Favorite: The Polar Express
    Least Favorite: Grandma got ran over by a reindeer. This movie scared me ._.
  2. My favorite is the Grinch stole Christmas.

    Least favorite ehhh, I find the Charlie Brown holiday themed movies boring. But I guess they're meant to be nostalgic
  4. gotta be the griswolds christmas vacation
  5. Ahhh yes polar express is the best, finally someone agrees
  6. Year without a Santa clause is easily the best
  7. Favorite: The Santa Clause with Tim Allen in it (or any movies from that series.) Mainly the 2nd one.

    Least Favorite: The Home Alone series... Now don't get me wrong, the movies are really well made. They are just so overplayed and I honestly can't stand them anymore.

    Also.. Polar Express is an amazing movie for sure with a great soundtrack.
  8. Apparently the uk's favourite Christmas film is....

    Love actually.
  9. Jingle all the way 1&2
    Least is the polar express
  10. Favorite Christmas movie: Goodfellas
  11. OK for real this time, I saw this movie not too long ago. Its a Christmas movie called "the night before" 2015*
  12. Best
    Die hard.

    Least. Most of the cheesy garbage out there 

    Damn I hate buster. No wonder Adam and Jamie clobbered him so much.
    I had neglected to mention gremlins in the best of.
    And quite right daphnia :)
  13. Christmas vacation
    Bad Santa


    Its not Christmas without A Christmas Story 24 hr rerun
  14. A very harold & kumar 3d Christmas is the best
  15. Best: Elf
    Worst: any other one
  16. My best would probably have to go to Jim Carrey's How the Grinch stole Christmas.

    And the worst is the 1992 animation Frosty Returns hands down.
  17. Let me expand your list.
    Best christmas movies of all time are
    Diehard 2
  18. Nightmare on Elms street
  19. There are so many.... Favorite/Best:
    Die Hard
    National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
    A Christmas Story
    The Santa Clause

    Worst: The Polar Express
  20. Alistair Sims Scrooge best