Christmas Cheer

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  1. Christmas Cheer a Christmas poem by Thomas Tusser

    Good husband and housewife, now chiefly be glad,
    Things handsome to have, as they ought to be had.
    They both do provide, against Christmas do come,
    To welcome their neighbours, good cheer to have some.

    Good bread and good drink, a good fire in the hall,
    Brawn, pudding, and souse, and good mustard withal.
    Beef, mutton, and pork, and good pies of the best,
    Pig, veal, goose, and capon, and turkey well drest,
    Cheese, apples and nuts, and good carols to hear,
    As then in the country is counted good cheer.

    What cost to good husband, is any of this?
    Good household provision only it is:
    Of other the like, I do leave out a many,
    That costeth the husband never a penny.

    Wishing you a merry Christmas and happy holidays <3 - XTC