Christian Clans

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  1. Yikes that shattered sword ...
  2. The church of god
  3. No you are wrong they are still around. I see them on my alt in battle lists but i dont remember their names
  4. There was a clan called 'Jesus saves believers'

    Tell them I sent you. They should remember me.
  5. Manna was a good starter clan back in the day. What happened to Christian clans? Same thing that happened to most smaller clans, hte
  6. Just make one then the next person to ask can be directed to your clan.
  7. Surely a Christian clan is discrimination towards non-Christians, Devs this needs to be seen to or I will be SEEING my lawyer.
  8. There's a clan called church if God I beleive. Idk how active they are, but I saw it a couple days ago.

    Edit: apparently not, looks like I was wrong

  9. If there isn't any, why not make one?

  10. Necro bumping this thread is sacrilege ...IN B4 LOCK
  11. If any of you find a clan following the United Church of Christ, lemme know
  12. Why was there a need for that ?
  13. A Christian group in an environment that no real Christian would ever be in? Good luck.
  14. That's funny af