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  1. Hi. I would like to know if there are any christian clans around. Im not very good at these forum posts so ill just get to the point and leave it short. thanks
  2. Try ZAFT Carnage

    Clearly something beyond this earth must keep them going all these days
  3. Nope no Christians just jew clans
  4. 2 bloodi accur8 post's et these point^
  5. Back in like 2012, christian clans were a thing. You'd be hard pressed to find one now. Just enjoy the game for what it is my friend.
  6. Troll failed to bait atheists...
  7. Allahu akbar
  8. Most Christian clans were bullied out of the game
  9. Was gunna say, '12/13. People advertised clans as strictly christian. Bypassing etc banned in cc lol
  10. What would be the point of a strictly Christian clan?
  11. KREUZRITTER means Knight of the Cross

    Reference to the old Teutonic Knights in the Crusades
  12. Shall we play a Judaeo-Christian themed puzzle?

    Now I know the modern folks don't read anymore and know/care about anything unless there is a movie about it..

    But hey may be there are a few who actually might enjoy this puzzle..

    The game is.. Match these beasts referenced in the verses below to the Kaw Monsters!

    Daniel 14:23

    Revelation 13:1

    Revelation 13:11

    Daniel 7:4

    Daniel 7:5

    Daniel 7:6

    Daniel 7:7

    I am calling Z'uthmerak as the one on
    Revelation 13:1

    Match away! 
  13. Why would you want a only Christian clan? Plan on purging kaw like the Christian Crusades of all the non-believers?????? Lol jk but seriously have diversity in your clan choice one ideal
  14. "Retired"
  15. "Deliverance" and "Manna" were pretty popular back then, I especially liked "Manna" for the name!
  16. I just return to play from like 5 years of not playing and i am not sure if chrisstian clans were a thing but you would ne able to find one. I remember there some good tjeology talks but not sure if the ones that are around now are into that.
  17. Manna was one of the good christian clans .. was able to play some war games along with them.
  18. Crusade time then?
  19. There's a clan called God is real maybe that's what you're looking for.

    Nvm old thread
  20. You're kidding right??? Just join any clan, they are still PEOPLE you can talk to.