Chests droprate/quality.

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  1. If the devs tell us poo tastes good, I would love to see how many of their minions come support the suggestion :p

    Seriously though, I think everyone is pretty aware that drops are random, I dont see anyone disputing that. It's the drop RATE from paid boxes that is being questioned by myself and a few others. It is most certainly not balanced to the goal of upgrading furniture to max levels in any realistic timeframe.

    They shouldn't force players to rely on inflated charm markets or other players at all to be able to fulfill an element of their game. I.e. collecting and upgrading furniture. Compare the timeline to new lands which is just another element. It's really another dangling carrot to keep things moving forward, which is needed and understandable. But at least lands have a realistic timeframe to BC between the realeases when coupled with premium items.

    I feel furniture is no different. There should be a realistic timeframe to max it out if coupled with premium items as well. Yet new ones come out every 2 weeks and as I've said before, it takes over FIFTY of each item to upgrade a single piece fully (not to mention, even breaking down enough pieces for the special material will not give you enough of the other 3) and without relying on other players it is just not possible to do using BOTH free and PREMIUM boxes only.

    If I count the shear numbers of boxes I've opened of both types, I have still not managed to have enough of any single item drop which will allow me to max it out....NOT ONE!! and there are 12 types of upgradeable furniture.

    No, the drop rate, random as it is, is WELL below logical rates for given items to realistically set a goal of having maxed furniture without the help of other players and the market. It would take thousands of dollars and a couple years to do otherwise. To defend the current rate is just crazy.
  2. The drop rate from paid chests has changed! This event compared to past events SUCK! I've not received one pet drop and only 3 thrones. No where near past events!!!! Have enough stupid throne side pieces for a life time.
  3. I've never had a pet drop from 400+ premium chests and however many dozens of free chests. Spread over 7 events.....n o t o n e s I n g l e p e t