Chests droprate/quality.

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  1. Did the droprate get nerfed drastically recently? It seems only idols and walls or floor tiles drop from free chests. And also, devs, what is with the quality of paid chests?? Statues and 75 of whatever legend items? Come on guys, thats an insult, at least make them worth paying for and premium, dont be giving out amounts lower than or equal to free chests, that makes no sense.
  2. Dunno, this event has been good to me with furn drops. Last event was absolutely abysmal though. RNGesus is a fickle master.
  3. I got a sod from a free chest in this event. I was really surprised since all I been getting is those idols and small number of legend items.
  4. Been getter better stuff in free chests. Agree the drop rate in paid chests is currently pathetic.
  5. Dont complain because you just have bad luck this event lol. You sound like every other hypocrite in this game. "If your gonna give me free stuff you should give me more free stuff" stop complaining and just be happy they give free stuff
  6. I've had a throne, set of pillars and a side piece from this event.

    Before this event I've had 80% of my furniture from free chests. I think it's just luck. I'll probably go several events and get rubbish now.
  7. They also mentioned the paid chests. Which do in fact suck.
  8. I got a seal opening one of the free chests
  9. I'm not sure whether you are trolling or not, but in case your reading comprehension is impaired, I'll gladly set the tone of op's message. He or she raised the question of whether or not change was made to the droprates. He or she only expressed dismay in regards of paid chests, to which I concur, since the introduction of seerstones also will affect the droprates, given they were added to the loot table. I probably wasted my time, since you found it necessary to attack someone and get personal, but even then, it stands to reason, to address any sudden and noticeable changes in case they weren't intended, rng aside.
  10. Premium chest have never paid for me either. Prolly why I don’t open them anymore. All of my furniture has been from free chests. Out of 100s of premium chests my best drop was a sod.
  11. No need to even argue about the drop rates in paid chests... Dont beleive me, try selling your old ones.Theyre worthless.
  12. It’s all hit or miss. I haven’t opened royals in some time myself.
  13. I got a wraith in a free chest last night. I’ve gotten more furniture out of chests this event than any other event. Seems like drop rate was increased tbh.
  14. Moral of the story is free Chests are better than they were,paid chests are waste of money. Easy solution everyone stop opening royals and when ATA notice a gap in thier bank balance they'll be forced to buff the royals (or just nerf the free Chests in protest to annoy us).
  15. lololol WHEN THE CHARM /FURNITURE/bfa farm claps back all political like ;) ;(
  16. I got a throne yesterday.
  17. Definitely luck of the draw, but I can see the valid point in wishing royal chests feel more premium. For starters I would remove all legendary items drops below 200 from the loot table. If free chests offer 175 max, then premium paid chests should offer no less than a higher amount. Why invest in nobs if the payout could be randomly higher from a free chest?
  18. I agree completely with the drop rate of premium chests being well below what they should be. Since my return the game 3 months ago, I have opened no less than 400 premium chests, (100 this event alone) and out of that I have received a weapon slot item TWO times, a throne ONE time, and have NEVER received a pet!!!not one:(

    I understand its random and you shouldn't get a mythical drop every roll, but given the sheer amounts of each piece of furniture it takes to take a piece from lv1-lv10, it should be well above the current rate. 400 chests and not one pet? Thats $400 USD to not receive a single pet in which it takes over 50...FIFETY! get to level 10. That's basically saying a level 10 per is worth thousands of dollars lmao

    It's a joke......but well done ATA. The free cows were a great metaphor:)
  19. It is completely random, I have had a terrible drop rate for free chest this event. However last event was fairly good. I think free boxes are a bonus regardless of its contents.

    I am not sure the paid ones are great at times but I always get more than 10Nobs worth of drops. This events Pet would a nice touch Hint Hint Wink Wink Devs.

    Boxes are a lotto.
  20. Just adding an update to my previous reply.

    This entire event, each day at least one free chest per alt gave me furniture. I’ve opened 30 royals and barely got anything. Free chests this event have given me a wraith, multiple thrones, stairs, weapons and more. The best piece I got out of a royal this event was a chandelier. I doubt I’ll be opening any more royals in the future. I understand not everyone is this lucky, but this event has been highly abnormal for me in terms of chest drops. Hard not to think that drop rates have been adjusted.

    Hope this helps!