Cheaters will be banned!

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  1. We are actively banning all accounts that are using bots/auto-clickers and any associated accounts. If you are using a program that automatically plays the game, they will be banned. This includes any OSF's that use automated programs to remain open.

    There is NO warning for those that we ban due to bot usage.

    We will also investigate any related accounts and ban them if appropriate.
  2. To be clear, we are NOT banning OSF's. We are banning any accounts that are using automated programs to play the game.

    There are a number of OSF's that were doing this, and they will be banned.
  3. Also note, moderators cannot ban you. Do not accuse them of banning you or your friends. If you insist on accusing them, we WILL ban you.
  4. For everyone that is critical about our bans on users, please contact those who were banned before you pass judgement. Even though these OSF's may have been helping you, they were also using auto-clickers/macros/scripts to automatically sell potions. Furthermore, the majority of these users have admitted to using these programs.

    To be clear, we are not banning people that spam the spacebar. The people we ban are using bot programs, and it has been verified on many levels, including:
    1. Ignoring any notifications, warnings and temporary popups to these accounts during bot activity
    2. Sending invalid requests after varying our program data
    3. Other verification tests. We continuously modify these tests so people cannot work around them.
  5. We have just updated our bot detection algorithms. We will be banning all users that are cheating.

    Please see the news thread for further details:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.