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  1. From apple:

    “App Store and iTunes Store purchases might be eligible for refunds if the item doesn’t work as expected or can’t be used”

    In other words if you legitimately made in game purchases to trade for charms you can make a complaint and request a refund. Could argue same for furniture because IT ABSOLUTELY DOES NOTHING!

    Be warned tho devs remove the oracle on successful refunds. God speed noobs
  2. Very informative. Thank you :)
  3. Same applies with the play store. Items that could be covered:

    Trigem chests
    Banner tokens
    Black Friday chests
    Event chests
    War chests
    Event leader board chasing
  4. In b4 this get blocked/deleted seriously though, this might back fire at yall
  5. Wait if you refund they remove the oracle so you can't purchase anymore?
  6. You made in game purchases to trade for charms. Do you still have the charms? Then you have you are not eligible for a refund. Oh but wait I’ll know what you’ll say. “But I’m at my cap.” Well then I suggest you trade charms for seals to fund your growth. But wait seals cost more than before you say? Well that’s how trading works. You were stupid to think things would forever stay the same, you were a bad trader. Get over it.
  7. Posted by statless alt....

    Clearly your dissatisfaction with this isn’t bad enough to warrant posting from your main which have made this a more legit complaint because you were willing to risk the repercussions of your complaint
    As it stands your statless alt has done nothing but make this like a childish effort
  8. I would argue that nobs do work as intended,
    You buy currency with real money, as long as the nobility works and allows you to purchase things from the market that's them serving their purpose..
    As for people buying charms from people directly with real money, y'all don't have a leg to stand on as that's against the tou we all agree to..
  10. I hope you are joking right. The fact of the matter is this system was only meant to trade charms for charms or furn for charms. Anything else like seals for charms doesn’t fall under that category since it isn’t in the system that they set. If you are unhappy with spending money for charms via this method it’s kinda your problem not the devs. Just saying try posting on your main instead of an alt.
  11. He is not joking lol. ATA is doing half ass job on updates. They should have foreseen right away on start the issue. They probably see the issue and just want to milk it. Then when the spending slowing down they decided to fix the issue. My opinion it’s a scam to those real spenders. It’s the players right to do what may they think what is right.
  12. Why would you tie the charms to build? I and many others traded to get att heavy or spy heavy charms to balance our builds out! You just screwed up thousands of trades!!! You need to undo that part at the very least. I mean really what purpose does it serve!?
  13. Oh its a scam to the real spenders?
    So what about the non spending smoochers who farm charms just to be powerful enough to hang with the real spenders?? Where is the logic in that?
    Oh wait dont answer that, you’re a clown and only a degenerate who adds filth to this game
  14. Why are you so angry? Relax takes some mustang ointment for butthurt. Side effect extreme butthurt of musang, dream of musang and extreme hate of musang 
  15. Why are you so angry? Relax takes some musang ointment for butthurt. Side effect extreme butthurt of musang, dream of musang and extreme hate of musang 
  16. One thing can’t be argued. Pusang is the foremost expert in being butthurt so the advice he gives for ointments to treat it is probably sound. He must be applying an awful lot lately as he rages at devs now. And he recently talked in such flowery praise of them. My oh my how the worm has turned.

    Rage on pusang 