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  1. Devs. Can yu please make something where we can actually see the stats we get from charms.
  2. I was under he impression from previous threads you could see a total somewhere but I never found it. So I concur with op and if there is a way to see your charm stat total I'd like to know as well.
  3. Support, would like this made a bit more clear or something
  4. Support! Have to add it up on your own ATM. Adding a charm bonus section would be super helpful! Make it happen ATA :)
  5. Lol. How on earth are they going to produce something as simple as that when the still won’t a) give us a xstal counter, something we’ve been asking for for about ummm 4 years at least!!! And b) still haven’t fixed the bfe stats display. Although we are “reassured it’s working properly and accurately”

    Sorry guys but after almost 7 yrs of game play I’m finally beginning to believe KaW is dying out. These are pretty simple things to address and the Devs simply appear not to care...

    Icey out 
  6. Ok this is on iPhone..

    There is the BFE section on your profile. It shows number stat (eg. 2M) bonus as well as %bonus stat (eg. 10%) for each category (troop attack, troop def, spy attack, spy def)

    When you unequip your equip from every slot on your equipment, the number stat section should show the total charm stat (since the stat from equip you are wearing is now zero)

    Percentage section is not relevant here Cos the charms are not percentage stat additions.

    Did I explain it right?

    TL:DR - Unequip all your equip and look at BFE (non percentage) on ur profile.


    Ok, so I'm on droid and there is the same stat spot for equipment bonuses. And though highly unconventional, unequipping your equipment does work. Though you also have to take into consideration your banner and since you can't unequip your banner I equipped the smallest one I had.

    Thanks for this info Ashes! :)

  8. I did this earlier before posting this. It seems to be working. Dont know if it's accurate since i have % bonuses
  9. In addition to what ive posted. I think it would be best if we can see the totals mcs of charms we are trading. Just to be exact, you know.
  10. Agreed

    -grizzy- for VK
  11. What does 2.35B static charm stats Translate to in reg stats?
  12. Ashes you are awesome
  13. Bta = 2% of raw stat. So multiply a raw stat by .02 to get the effective bonus to owner.

  14. Everyone try this and you will see your bonus from charms = 0.. I just did it and even restarted the app to make sure.. Ever notice that the damage you do to an eb doesn't change wether your wearing eq or not?
  15. I have mentioned this and they did mention they would look into placing stats for our charms in the future.

    Currently the stats from your charms can be viewed under the “achievement / equip bonus” under your profile. As you transmutate you will see those stats change.
  16. Thanks Champion
  17. Most welcome flame :)