Charms Rebalancing

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  1. Hello again Kawers!

    In the past, charms weren’t factored into matchmaking or hit ranges even though they made players stronger. We’ll be releasing a change shortly that will balance them into hit ranges. This is part of an overall effort to improve PvP in KaW. Right now, charms will be adding half the contributions to matchmaking that buildings currently offer. This is something that could be changed again for balancing purposes.


    • Q. Will this affect the amount of plunder I take from someone I attacked?

    A. No. You’ll get the exact same amount from them as before this change.

    • Q. Will this affect the outcome (win/loss) of PVP actions?

    A. No. This will not affect win or loss, only who you are allowed to hit.

    • Q. Will this affect Epic Battles?

    A. No. This change is only for PVP. We may look at how charms affect EBs in the future, but we aren’t sure yet what the right answer is.

    • Q. Will this affect individual wars / lowland wars?

    A. Yes! Your charms will be factored into the clan you are put in for individual wars. We believe this will make wars more fairly balanced going forward, which should make for more exciting wars!

    • Q. Hey, wait.. I’m trying to hit someone and it seems like the hit ranges are wrong!

    A. It will take some time for people’s stats to recalculate to the new values. There are various ways to force a recalculate, if you really don’t want to wait (gaining an item, for example).

  2. Devs already more active then HoG. Good to see.
  3. Thank you! I am glad to see something is finally happening for this gross imbalance.
  4. Ded
  5. Will charms affect rank in Clan Roster or Leaderboard rank?
  6. Will charms effect any type of lb or clan rank? Please clarify how they will effect match ups? And other types of matches?

    They will account differently as bfa?
  7. Already change in clan rooster hope it's going to happen in indi too
  8. Winston,

    I agree with what your doing to include charms in EE match ups, that’s great news.

    In order to avoid gaming or exploiting the system, will the transfer of charms be disabled, once match ups occur, similar to ally hires? To obviously avoid people transferring charms to their warring accounts, once they’ve been matched at a lower CS?
  9. Gud work Winston but please block transfer charms after match up still unblock, tyvm
  10. What about furniture? How do they work into it?
  11. Finally. It's about time this was resolved. Good job ATA. But you do need to stop people being able to transfer charms during war, just as BFA ... Buying allies is locked too. Also we need admin roles back in war, it's impossible to do an individual war without using clan announcement.
  12. what you smoking my g there already are admin roles
  13. good work
  14. Cmon ATA. Stupid much? You factor charms into match up but don't block them being transfered during wars?
    I'd just keep my stacks somewhere else before match up and move them back in. Zz. #ATALogic
  16. Lol you must not do indi wars or you'd know the devs took those roles away. All because a few asses abused the privilege of writing on the CP.
  17. Devs give me valiant knight 
  19. I've looked and not sure which thread to put this in.
    Now that xtls are given out every few days.... Keep the limit in eb's but remove the 24 hour limit.