Charms Rebalance

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  1. Thank you for the changes. Gosh, they were so needed.

    Only downside to this is that LBs are pretty much untouchable now. Top 50 are immortal when it comes to strips unless HUGE chunks are taken.
    Should have just kept it to base build and excluded bfa. It would have pushed for more spending on the game either way.
    Oh well. Get wrecked charm farmers.

  2. I dont care how much you spend across how many account. You were making multiple accounts to have them all send charms to your account. That's charm farming you idiot. The fact that you think it isnt is hilarious. You found a way to abuse the system and chose to take advantage of the abuse. Just like the people who traded all their charms for rewards when charms didnt work. It wasnt against the rules, you still found a way to try make an advantage out of something that was an imbalance.
  3. I like it how devs cashed in before the change. War chests, trigem and those banner tokens. Nice touch
  5. The bigger u are the more charms you have, brilliant...
  6. Great work devs!

  7. Stop crying. All you have to do is strip their bfa and their charms are ineffective. Start with me lil crybaby.
  8. Leave Bach alone. He’s not a woman. Not your type to bully
  9. It’s cute that you came to his rescue. You’re my kind of woman.
  10. You like me cause I came back from supposed death? I knew you liked a woman who can take a lot
  11. Well she’s a ur into guys is what ur saying?
    He said it not me 
  12. Blame afterlife_falco_wog the feedback
    spammer tadahhh
  13. I’m not the one that charm farmed with the following accts

    Turquoise Bellah TwinkleStar Shinkansen Thorrr xxAmethyst Morganite JewelPet MiickeyMouse HelloKittyy Ursula ChocoCat CaptainAmericaa Blackwidoww CookiesNCreamm xxPeridot Prue Sleekeazy MinnieMouse F-a-n-c-y MyMelody StormFur Amortentia DonaldDuckk Ironmann iiSentryli Skele-gro Pochacco

  14. And whats the proof its mine? If u cannot prove thats mine,u should be banned for accusing me in public
  15. That’s not how TOU works little girl, at most I’ll be silenced, but I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing ur thinking about me in kaw 24/7
  16. Technically he didn’t accuse you. He just said that he was not the person who charm farmed with those accounts. He never said who farmed with them
  17. Who cares,hail to falco God,
  18. Correct no accusations made

    Also looking for a nurse that’s owns a restaurant that is also a condominium broker with 7 holdings that has pocket wifi(??) and does 5 wars a day that doesn’t sit in a a corner of a house in a neighborehood all day and cry
  19. Envy in game ,envy in real life omg, pity u hahhhhahh
  20. Ata just made Kaw great again with this update!