Charms Rebalance

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  1. This new system screwed Everyone that isn't Bc, has massively over priced big allies & a hoard of charms stacked up.

    Realistically, it cuts the value of charms unless you have a ton of Bfa to match it.

    So, how do you get a ton of Bfa? By dropping a few paychecks hitting premium ebs. Then you can only hope other players don't take your newly bought allies before you can massively over priced them to protect your Bfa/charm bonus.

    Huge bc players with tons of Bfa & charms stay pratically untouchable as they already were. Smaller players relying on charms as Bfa is finiky at best & bigger players snatching the best allies. Just got the equivalent of a drive by prostate exam.

    Devs make it sound like stripping lb is a easy feat. After you hit bc, you litteraly have 2 things to do with gold. Bank it or invest in allies. This is the literal equivalent of being the smaller sibling, & smacking your older/bigger sibling. They hit back & guess what, it's going to hurt you massively more then you did to them.

    I'd honestly wager, most lb have a huge surplus of gold in bars. Just in case the day comes that they are stripped. So, you try & they rebuild rather quickly & the retaliation comes. Who suffers more? The bc Account that cashed in a few bars & is back where they were or you. The soon to be victim, they strip you & chances are you don't have the gold set aside to get back up like they do.

    But 200bcs building stats is the raw stats correct? Not the star bonus we give to our owners? Help me I'm confused
  3. Thanks for explanation.
  4. Awesome thank you devs, typhoid is probably pouting now lol
  5. Two years too late
  6. kerr flush
  7. Correct. I have about 56b raw spy attack I think, so could amass about 28b in spy attack charms and still have them be useful (not counting my minimal bfa).

  8. Yes , your building stats which u can check in your profile. Follow and ask if u have any other questions
  9. Let's ask the real questions here.
    Why aren't you capping PvE ebs' charms bonus?
  10. Basically here is what was recommended:

    They could consider trading charms away, or accumulating more CS from their buildings and/or allies.
  11. Good. Far as I’m concerned the only good thing about charms anyway was it was a good way to clear out my stupidly large item cupboard, which is still stupidly large. Why do we need so damn many. We should be able to melt them all down for either mith or just gold.
  12. Made some additions to the post with regards to what counts as a charm, and how matchmaking has changed.
  13. Sorry, but for my this change don’t influence my bullying small new kingdom because the battle list is not connected to bfa or bfc, devs before to make an unilateral change like this will have made more thinks like upgrade the bl using charm and ally to calculate the cs of opponents, make the drop from eb linked maybe only at building and ally stats as on war.. with this change the player like me that can’t spend dollar to grow fast are killed by the system.. is not correct
  14. I’ve just kill an 260mcs player 0 failed attack or ass..
  15. If u considering buildings /bfa are more good on this changes, then u should high the payouts on a regular ebs, so people can grow, expensive buildings not matching the eb payouts, its like hitting all the way and u earn so little gold
  16. Building cs not ur actual cs ? If that's the case then Most people can still use their charms ... I'm confused (+_+)
  17. @Dev

    Well it was worth the wait!!

    You've managed to keep charms in the game and the power linked to effort over the years on build and added a strippable power element that keeps the rawness alive in the game - I applaud you it's a very good solution to the unintended imbalance caused by the charm know who you are.

    To those that exploited charms you did well and still have a head start and the mechanics of the rebalance I can assure you having blasted (and got blasted) by the clan of my choice over the last few hours work like old kaw, that is to say strengths and weakness based upon build type/shape enhanced by it should be.

    Nice job... GAME ON

  18. So while this approach has it's flaws, it's nice to see ATA attempt to fix game economy. The math is never going to result in a perfect fix, but it's a step in the right direction.

    Wouldn't it make more sense to add an User Interface tab on the players profile that shows them their PvE Charm bonus and final PvP bonus?
    I highly doubt people want to math their charm bonus from PvP because its dynamic and changes based on the criteria you mentioned.
    Would make sense to show the player his PvP charm bonus after your formula is applied to it on their profile.
  19. I like new indi so far