Charms Rebalance

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  1. Ally bonus (m)
  2. I think this is a good concept except for the fact that it changes with build. What if your a spy build and build up charm stats for attack to help balance out/ allow you to hit bigger ebs/players? Now your screwed because your charms only help your spy stats. Unless the it works the same way with BFA? More BFA attack = More charms attack?
  3. Good point batman
  4. Support, thanks Devs, about time you guys addressed this abuse and get back to the fundamentals of Kaw, buildings and allie strength.
  5. So your charm cap from buildings is 26.75/26.75/1.75/6.75
    Your charm cap from allies is 240/200/56/56

    Your total charm cap is 266.75/226.75/57.75/62.75
  6. It’s good changes but devs will feel the nobility sells drop on this event. Those who buys charms for seals will stop doing so. The charms fr seals not worth since the charms cap based on stats. Most charms buyers for seals are small players trying to catch up.

  7. This aswell^
  8. So if you're a pure spy build, let's just say you are 0/0/100/100 (in billions), you would have a charm cap of 0/0/50/50 (in billions). If you wanted to get stronger with attacks, you could hire allies that are more attack heavy, and that way you would get an attack portion of the charms.
  9. Ty
  10. Very nice change.

    Love that stripping allies makes high charm players easier to steal.
  11. This is false, Winston his BFA is in millions not billions so it’s basically a non factor
  12. I haven't looked through each LB's supply of gold compared to their ally amounts, but for the ones I did check it was much, much higher than 20-25% into allies. It's certainly true that you could strip someone, and they could strip you back later, but that's part of the fun in war. You can hide your allies, you can bank money in gold/silver/bronze bars, you could even try volleying money over to a variety of secret alts to hide money. I implore you to find strategies that work well against others and keep yourself protected!
  13. Oops! That is indeed my bad. I misread that.

    In that case it's :
    So your charm cap from buildings is 26.75/26.75/1.75/6.75B
    Your charm cap from allies is 0.24/0.20/0.56/0.56
    So the total is - 26.99/26.95/2.31/7.31B
  14. Alright try the math out on my account, see if you can do it right this time.
  15. Thanks ATA!

    Farewell to the spenders currently throwing fits!

    I'll buy a few seals soon to celebrate you for finally standing up to charm farmers of all types.

    Also, the players didnt "adapt" to whomever said that, they found a way to abuse that. Be happy ATA finally made it so stripping can bring people back to level again.
  16. False poosang, what new players will be doing is gathering trader tokens for crestplates to catch up.
    There will be an uptick in activity after these changes
  17. Can I get a refund on all dollars spent on Alts to send to my main account pls?
  18. lol adapt... i think the word you mean to say was exploit!
  19. You still owm them so sell them and compensate yourself for exploiting new features.