Charms Rebalance

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  1. Yes those that bought charms broke TOU when they did so I’m sure they will win in court
  2. Fix ur build idiot
  3. Can’t strip when certain ppl have certain advantages that help them from being stripped
  4. Just take charms away ur gf saying u can kiss me but u have to sleep on the wants that.
  5. You can't strip them if they're already untouchable on a high ALB and have max cap, lol
  6. Discrimination for small players
  7. If you hire all their allies they wont be getting full effect of all their charms while you steal.
  8. How do you know which stats are kept if you do hit cap or is it even across the 4 stats
  9. when you say "charms" i assume this includes rewards. if not, time to trade charms for rewards.
  10. GREAT IDEA! Nicely done
  11. You should make our charm stats visable on our profiles like you have our Allie and building stats. Would be not to have to add up all the charms stats and do all that math everytime a trade is made.
  13. I didnt even read all the replies but had to stop at this one. Cry me a river girly. Games shouldn't be able to be won by spending thousands of dollars outside the game. Prove that you bought charms off the black market and there goes your litigation haha. Case closed.
  14. Not positive but I was told if you take all equipment off you will see your charm stats under eq stats on your profile.
  15. Grow
  16. SelLing charms 200 million per seal
  17. Reading this back & forth both sides make good points. Stripping lb players may hurt. However, how much do they have sitting in unused bars? You can strip a lb only so many times. It will fall down to, "who has the most gold". Realistically using Silph, as an example. You get Bc players that have been bc for AGES so, what are they using their bars for?

    You figure 20-25% goes into keeping allies. Between rehires & just finding new allies with similar stats. Who will run out first? How many times can you afford to strip the same player? You strip a lb & start osw, then what? Now there stripping you & the lb players still sitting on a good portion of bars & damn near untouchable.

    Edit* another added thought came to mind. These lb players aren't there because of Free to play. We are talking about Pay to win spender's. So very worst case, you strip them enough to hurt. They use there left over bars to get a plunder ally & then what? BOOM right back to premium ebs & allies once again. Anyone with deep enough pockets can rebuild rather easily between Nk & Nk increased plunder. Once again, money wins this round
  18. Let me get this straight the ally thing caps by price or ally stats?
  19. Stats
  20. How do I work my cap out

    Building stats (b)

    Not sure what ally bonus is