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  1. I never spent anything on charms,but feel for the players that did. There should be some legal possibilities. It's really screwed up :( and really shows how software companies like ATA absolutely don't give a **** when it comes to changing ingame purchased items and reducing the value/effectiveness of them to nothing.
    Crazy and sure sign to me that I will not be spending anything in this game lol!
  2. I'm still surprised people are complaining about the change. With the old system you could in theory be untouchable with no way for someone to even touch you. People who gathered charms can still use them in ebs with NO LIMIT. Only limit is in PvP where it's needed. Anyone who actually thinks about this understands why it was needed.
  3. I find your post disturbing and overall karma unbalanced.
    People paid real money to get items that performed a certain function to compliment a certain playstyle that was an achievable in game mechanic.

    The idea itself about dev changing this item mechanic via balance change after... long after rinsing the guys for likely thousands of pounds... does not concern you?

    Because you are mod they have fed you a bone perhaps and umay feel duties to defend any actions from them right?I'm guessing as you feel you may one day soon get a step closer? but in reality what you are doing as mod is basically free labour for them and they will use you up without any gratitude. You understand that right,?
  4. No one forced you to buy these charms ... you used a "black market" paid real money its not anyone's problem if the game have adjust to this black market. Sucks for the cash u lost but imo its part of the game when you use thing like black market suck it up ... pretty sure u can sell them still tho
  5. Charms were NEVER ingame purchasable. Soooooooo you have no room to stand on.they were 3rd part app purchasable and if you read TOU that's banable. People are lucky they still have there accounts if we wanna talk about it.
  6. Legend rewards are extra benefits you get for completing certain goals. You still have them and you can still use them with no limit in PvE. PvP is capped as explained for good reason as I explained. It's not because I'm a mod that I like the new balance but because I am mathematically minded. I understand the way the old system was broken to the point where people would be impossible to touch. The fact you have to try insulting me shows how little weight your argument holds.
  7. embassy u look like a melt rn
  8. Kezzer u a flaming moron.:lol: NOBODY gives crap about ebs. Oh boy, lemme charm up for some lotl :lol:

    Charms were the only thing that were making pvp fair and accounts like myself with no bfa and not bc could hit tops. ATA cared to nerf charms but did not care to remove pc support to accounts. So untouchables are still untouchable, hiding behind the strip protection, collecting bfa, becoming more untouchable. Charm nerf was a flop made for naïve ppl like kezzer.
  9. There maybe a chance you get compensated what you spend in the game if you have prove through Apple or Google. As long you have proof you spend during those time of charms craze. The downside if you get compensated. ATA will locked your marketplace so you can’t buy anymore. This is what I heard so up to you to decide. Game provider like ATA should be mindful more how they update a system and fixed right away if have issue. Not to wait years after when many went crazy spending to chase charms. Then one day they woke up what they spend to the game to catch up removed to their castle strength without any compensation to players.
  10. No one spent money chasing charms. The money spent was through 3rd party black market.
  11. "Fair" by that you mean you abused to your advantage and you're now upset you can't do that? Very few people will see a change anyway and it's only those who were hoarding ridiculous amounts that were affected.

    Also if you want "fair" then imagine someone who has such a large amount of charms that nobody in the game can win against them. They can't be stripped to weaken them within a range so you can win. What about that scenario is fair? There is literally no possibility of victory there other than getting more charms. Anyone with half a brain can see the issue and why a cap was required.
  12. The weekend before the charm nerf. There is a player spend over 200 seals to trade charms for 200 mill per seals. He got those seals by buying nobility. The charms update design this way to make ata money. Because of his account size the charms he traded for seal was no affect after the charm nerf. You may say it’s his fault he spend that much. He is not the only person spend this way.
  13. Then He made that purchase knowing that charms would be nerfed soon, too see and be the scale of abuse that occured and not think about the obviously impending nerf is complete negligence .
  14. The cap only affected middle accounts, u idiot. Lb was not touched, just made stronger. Look at ally lb. Lb 3,7, 8,12 are all on strip protection :lol: u speaking out of ur ass not knowing facts. Go strip one of them just as an experiment. Or just for kicks go hit imf, ireg,wease? How successful is that? Like I said only thing that was making pvp fair was charms. Ppl like u who never pvp, never osw, never war, never do anything but eb and flap their mouth are the only ones who clap like fools to this nerf.
    Anyways, it is what it is. But morons like u are really annoying
  15. Quite honestly anytime you spend money you’re taking a risk. Now whether it be 3rd party apps or even for seals to trade off. The mention of charms being op came up just about when they came out so there was risk as soon as someone did either of the above.

    People complain over things in game, including things needing fixed then once they’re fixed... well here comes the complaints again.

    Fixes don’t come over night in most cases so with one seeing the complaints for so long coming in about charms, then one should really think more clearly on what they think they want to do about an area where so much attention is given being with such overwhelming attention that something may be down about it in the future and do something that may end causing them to lose out down the road if something is done. Just my thoughts on this.
  16. If ATA dealt with it sooner and didn't milk these people then fair enough. But for me now that investment they made in pvp mechanic and plsystyle post change has reduced their investment to basically zero overnight.

    I always find it fascinating when absolute dependant addicts just wildly defend bad practices of a company.

    Gentlemen all it means to me is any asset you buy in this game is literally sand in their eyes and means nothing, and this company practices business in a way where they will wait if people are spending to fix an issue they see as gamebreakung as long as people are investing in it.

    then have absolutely no issue "pulling the rug out from under them" its disgusting.
  17. Yup I get ya like I said but apparently didn’t understand about some fixes take time. I love how people go on about things but have no clue what it takes when it comes to coding.

    The lack of knowledge in this area really gets me to laugh at some of the posts that show up with some of these responses.

    People need to learn some knowledgeable basics at least when it comes to things they like to rant about cause honestly if they did there would be more of understandingly posts and even more constructive feedback on things.

    Then again you got people who don’t care that they’ll just give their two cents which don’t add up to one. Besides we could use some good laughs in forums I guess.
  18. I always find it contradictory to statements like these but yet people defend bad practices of players lol

    Always easier to point the finger in the direction that is not at oneself right?
  19. I returned after 1.5 years to find this- so let me repeat my findings for you describing how I observed this situation as a relative outsider in case you are wondering how someone external and even minded could perceive the whole thing.

    Only the most hopeless and dependant would be unable to grasp the bad practice here, this type of institution thought process that only hopeless dependants throw around that are near the end of all rational thought and likely jneed assistance.

    From a player standpoint a business who implements such a practice and milks people for a pvp playstyle in the game for a long time and milks it, then backing out when it becomes "a problem" by changing the mechanics without any intention of assisting player A who spent already - is not someone i would do business with. And it shows me that the in-game assets are worth naught!

    I just hope others have the sense to see the same.
  20. And I feel bad for people who got sucked into it :(