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  1. Thank you Winston. Now time to start on changes
  2. How dare you use clips from such great movies in this worthless shitpost. Do you know no bounds? Devs really need to stop tuggin on your man ropes and get to work. Figure it oot.
  3. @Winston

    I simply don't understand what is the reason to have this change and hurt players who played by the rules if there are other ways exist to accomplish the goal of getting rid of Charm Farmers.

    Increasing the cap on charms based on build stats along will accomplish your goals. There is no need to "punish" midsize players who now need to chose between upgrading their kingdom or buying allies. People forget that there are many ways to abuse allies - volleying them up and making mush more gold for example . . .

    Furthermore there is no need to harm players that chose a specific build other than "balance build" by making the charms relate to your build or allies.

    Let me try to clarify as you did not actually answer any of my issues:

    I have much more charms bonus than my cap - probably 5 times that amount. Accordingly:

    1. I wasted lots of money and time on finishing in the top10/50/100 in events for over a year. I transmuted the 40k charms for all events which significantly increased my charms power. Knowing the current rule I would not have wasted my money that way. All of these extra charms are now worthless as I alway over my cap.

    2. I wasted a lot of money and time trying to get the Trigem Amulet and Helm. Again since I am way over my cap they are worthless and I wasted my money on them.

    3. I wasted a lot of money and time wining the Dragoneart event. I was promised a 4bcs charm for my efforts. Again since I am way over my cap it is worthless and I wasted my money and time. (BY THE WAY - can you please fix my DRAGONHEART CHARM - IT IS SHOWING IN THE BOTTOME OF MY SHOWCASE RATHER THAN TOP AND I FILLED 30 HELP REQUESTS OVER THE LAST 4 MONTS!!!!!)

    4. I traded tons of furniture (including top 10) for charms - since I am way over the cap all these trades are not only worthless but I actually lost lots of furniture potential stats that I didn't upgrade. Please note that some top 10 pets can go for 10-15bcs in charms!!!

    5. I traded away 1000s of chests for charms that are now worthless. I could have traded them for seals or hitting NKs

    6. I traded seals for charms - these charms are now worthless - hence I wasted many seals which are real money!

    7. I traded ally hires for charms - these charms are worthless. I am also stuck with a variety of allies with bad stats.

    8. I changed my build to a spy from attack wasting numerous tokens. I relied on charms to balance my build. No taking down a bunch of attack buildings would have given me both much better stats and specifically more attack stats that are now more advantageous.

    In reality these changes significantly benefit BL players that have massive amount of allies already and therefor all their charms will count while making the overwhelming majority of my charms and the way I played the game worthless!

    Suggesting that I will grow my BFA is wonderful in theory but in reality it will take me years. Since I am very far from LCBC it will significantly prevent me from growing.

    Winston - please reconsider as you can get your goal without destroying the way I and many others played the game.

    All you need to do to fight the charm farmers is to increase the cap on stats toward charms. Hence stateless tiny alts will not get to use their charms! also please reconsider attaching the charms attack/spy stats to out build - the whole idea of balancing is to use one part of the game to balance out weakness in another!
  4. To answer the guy above me there’s 1 simple answer. Trade your charms for seals and grow. Stop crying
  5. Most of you morons probably think if you show up to use the atm and its spitting out x20 the amount requested that you get to keep the money.
  6. Get all your receipt from Apple and google. Then mail Apple or google about the money you spend to buy seals to reach your goal. The seals you traded for charms. Get a refund from them what you spend since ATA will not do anything. You have more chances to get money back from them than ATA. ATA always do half ass work since they believe we are part of their small niche in the game. Chances we will not leave even how much they cheat mid size players who are big spenders. After this changes they wouldn’t do anything. This changes will be permanent. Just try to get your money back you spend related to charms.
  7. ATA could just cap everyone at 125 billion no matter the size. The BFA x 4 should be good update. Almost everyone can get that 125 billion easily on seal trading. This could still increase spending to the game. With this changes those guys that sell seals for charms stop spending. I think this will give negative effect on spending like what happen to GAW. Charms did great to the game it increase spenders. I agree the charms needed changes but this changes really screw mid spenders who bought charms for seals. Last weekend I see non who are buying charms with seals.
  8. Is possible to increase the bl size?!?!? Damn! Dev have leave to my size players only pvp event for finish legend, but my bl is every time empty during pvp!!! Help me to continue to play
  9. This.
  10. Hahaha ATA now loosing money, I love it and it’s their own doing Hahaha I love when ATA loose money and now they do, so next thing they really need to do is either speed up new lands or they need to have perm unlimited xstals in kaw like they have in their other game. Either way ATA don’t make as much money atm so something is coming and soon I am sure to compensate the looses they are doing now
  11. Upside on this mess, ATA loosing money

  12. 200mcs account with 0 charms, what a surprise
  13. That is your problem then not the devs. Maybe instead of buying charms you should have spent money on xtals to idk grow instead? The issue with charms was no incentive to grow but now there is. The bottom line is the devs have one to make you grow. Now there is one to grow your bfa and cs. Cry harder as the charms are more fair across for mids as a 2bcs acc can’t stack charms to win 100% anymore on you
  14. Whatever happen to Karma charms thread. We should ask him how he feels about his suggestion now?I think he quit the game already.
  15. Faust talking about crying. Must be his monthly visit that’s why he is hot today
  16. I mean you haven’t really refuted my point and yes my once a month visit veri fun
  17. Faust comment from you means nothing to me. You are one of the players can attack 10x a second so charms means nothing to you 
  18. Will there be a place where we can view our charms stats?

  19. Take off all equipment and banner and your equipment bonus will show it

    There really needs too be a new category with the maxing of charms