Charms Rebalance

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  1. @Stacy my understanding

    1. One way to view charm totals is to remove all equip, and the remaining stats under "bonuses from equipment" are supposed to be your charms stats.

    2. Say you have about 8bcs raw attack. Pretty low. Your attack charm cap is based on that, and will be 4bcs attack from charms (rest of building cap is half of each other stat added up, but we'll ignore them here). You can still build up attack charms though by buying allies. So if you buy 1bcs worth of attack bfa, you have an additional 4bcs added to your overall attack charm cap, and so forth.

    In short, yes cap is based on stats. 2/2/150/150b account has a build charm cap of 1/1/75/75b = 152b total, but any of those stats/charm caps can be increased by allies.
  2. That doesnt work at all at least with iOS devices. It never did.
    the opposite is the case. The numbers shown under "profile "--> bonus from equipment/achievements are totally broken and far from matching with the numbers in the equipment-section. Its all messed.
  3. Shut up Winston sell your crap else where. A lot of thought went into this explains the many flaws it’s created.
  4. I will look at the equipment section and try removing all my equipment and see, ty Thrawn!

    So your stats on your charms dont really matter for your effective charms stats then, only your build and ally stats matter? Because usually your charms are atk or def stat heavy as well?
  5. Disclaimer: this is my working understanding/interpretation of charm cap based on numerous dev posts throughout this thread.

    Charm stats do matter, but I've started thinking of them as split into the four stat categories. If I have 20/20/20/20b charms (80b total), then with my 3/7/57/57b raw stats I have a build charm cap of 1.5/3.5/28.5/28.5b, or 62b total.

    However, because of my actual charm stat distribution, I'll only get 45b charms applied to my stats (1.5/3.5b att/def, a portion of the 20/20b charm stats, and 20/20b spy att/def, all the charms I have in those stats). I can use more of my att/def charms through acquiring allies with those stats, and I can hit my build charm cap for spy stats by getting more charms with spy stats on them.
  6. @low bummer, I haven't played in iOS in years. I believe on droid it is at least a rough estimate.
  7. So much thought went into it that it confused half the player base and ticked off the other half, great work Winston 
  8. What's the point in removing equipment. The cap includes it right?
  9. Ok I think I get what your saying, I'll try to wrap my head around it completely though a bit later when I have more time, thank you again Thrawn for breaking it down for me! :)
  10. To see what your charm cs is! I asked above if they can put a charm stats on our profile as I didnt know of another way to figure it out, so Thrawn was telling me how I can see charm stats!

    And I think it was said the charm cap dont include your equipment as it was already capped by only being able to equip one piece in each slot.
  11. Can someone confirm.
  12. quig if you look under Winston's main post on this thread, under "What actually are charms" title, I think that will answer your question!

  13. Ty Stacy. Still think the cap includes both equip and charms
  14. You suck winston. I know I posted it on ya wall and a ticket but just a reminder. Yes this a cry cry cry post. Now I'm part of the crowd that cries about 1 thing or another.
  15. It feels like everyone is maxing their cap just because everyone have too many alts

    For me its more of a social app then a game with this level of exploitness ^_^

    Just to be fair i think it's an amazing update to balance the game a little.. it's just the game wasn't built for people with one account
  16. Data has already shown that a lot of players aren't going to feel huge effects. Make sense why only this little minority is complaining so much in forums.

    You exploited the game mechanics, you have to expect this to happen sooner or later. Else why would you play an online game?

    It was just like the tower build exploits in the past. Yes I exploited it. But no I did not complain when it was fixed. It is expected.

    Too bad if you spent too much time and effort on charms farming. Too bad if you used money to make use of the exploit to your advantage. You knew it was going to happen sooner or later. It was your choice. Take responsibility for it and don't blame ata for your actions.
  17. @winston can you explain to me if BC capped @ 125 billion. Does the BFA increase caps at all sizes or it increase at different rate of any build? I’m trying to adapt to your changes but want to be clear where to focus on.
  18. Well said
  19. BFA works the same way at all sizes, you get 4x of the allies stats.