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  1. Yes we need a feature to show how much charms affect and how much excess we have. This way we can adapt easily which part of our build to fix and move some charms to other members to get max cap. Knowing we are cap on charms and ally then can move some charms to friends who needs them.
  2. Although I really am not losing sleep over stackers that got burned, I still gotta agree with you here MuSaNg. ATA releases content with flaws which opens doors to all manner of play styles. ATA allows this to go on unchecked for years, then abruptly pulls the rug out from under players that legit adapted and mastered the environment ATA created. This isn’t the first time ATA has done this sort of thing either.

    Also, I have to LOL a bit over this thread as it seems to be rife with the gleeful sneers of big players that got chewed up by smaller charm-heavy players. If you can’t beat ‘em, ban ‘em I guess 
  3. I love the ideas in this update, will be interesting to see how it pans out.

    For me, I am glad as it does take away the charm farmers. I have a lot of alts but they were never created for farming charms, that came along much after the pat army was around.

    I love being active with my alts, all on iPods or older work phones allowing me to unload 5 at a time and grow them into beasts.

    I did however transfer the charms to this account so I could get back into warring but that was short lived when the charm farmers proved to really imbalance wars and making them almost impossible to win if they were against you and that’s not right!

    Hopefully, this change will bring a more even chance to win the war.

    I love the Allies concept although I have no allies. It definitely rewards the players putting in the effort and some that spend also.

    Well done ATA
  4. Ahahaha! Well done Devs! Finally you have set the BL with real tot cs! BUT the range is too small!!! Now my bl is 8 players! Damn but is so difficult set the bl from “you are too strong “ to “your opponent is too strong”
    Ok kill all my chances to end legend, before cutting eb plunder, than cutting charms power, but at least give me more chances to hit people on pvp with a big BL!!!
  5. Very interesting that people are still talking about that apple 6 years later.

    Can very well imagine the massive amount of devastation that had been brought upon, being so massive it scarred you for life permanently. I feel sorry for you.

    Move on bro. It's already 2019.
  6. Make it easy for you to move charms among your multiple alts?

    Sounds a good idea. ATA should look into it. Probably discuss with you too, the alts extraordinaire.
  7. "6 years ago" had no affect on me whatsoever just calling out yafi's hypocrisy. Funny since he's gone yafi doesn't exist anymore. Says it all really
  8. @Winston,

    While I am very much against the charm farmers let me give you a detailed explanation how this specific update impacted me and many others and the way we legitimately played the game:

    1. Top 10/50/100 charms and rewards:

    By finishing in the top 10/50/100 in many events the awards given were equipment with higher stats. Accordingly I transmuted many extra pieces of equipment into charms. I also traded many top 50/100 pieces of equipment into raw stats in order to help me have bigger charms/rewards stats to compensate for the fact that I am not LCBC and do not have massive BFA. .

    2. Dragonheart Reward:

    Winning the Dragonheart Reward gave me the most powerful reward in the game - you just rendered it stateless in practice. I spent real money to participate in this event as this is the way you structured it!

    3. Trigem rewards:

    many of us spent money to both get Triggem chests (required premium eb) and open them (required paid for keys). You just rendered both the Amulet and the Helmet meaningless. Accordingly we wasted real money to get charms that are useless!

    4. Build:

    For over a year now I changed my build from attack to spy. I relied on charms to balance me out on attack. I took down dozens of attack buildings and replaced them with spy buildings. Accordingly my building CS are much lower. My stats are also focused on Spy build. Suggesting that I now change my build or buy many trillions in attack allies are simply not realistic!

    Hence not only did I lose massive CS, I also am unable to rebuild my attack CS or have anything to balance my attack. I have no way to buy massive amount of attack allies - I assume the overwhelming of players do not either!

    5. Alts:

    I do have a few alts. It is a part of the game that you encouraged and structured. All my alts are big and are in the game for years before charms existed! I spent time to make sure that all my alts receive all charms in every event. I also tried to get all chests everyday!

    Accordingly over a long period of time I transmuted these charms, sold chests and furniture to support the strategy that I used to build my main and play the game!

    6. Trading:

    I traded many rares/furniture/royal chests/stacked and maxed charms in order to build my raw stats. Again you just rendered all these trades irrelevant. Furthermore rather than dismantling and increasing my furniture stats I chose to trade them away to build my charms stats. In reality you made many of us "lose" by deciding to trade!

    7. BFA:

    I am not LCBC. Accordingly I wanted to continue to build my Kingdom and use gold to upgrade it whenever possible. You just made my decision to build my kingdom for years rather than build my BFA idiotic.

    8. Furniture:

    Many players decided to trade furniture for charms! I traded most of my furniture since they were introduced in the game as I chose to build my charms bonus instead.

    Once you have a level 10 fully equipped piece of furniture that you are happy with your only option is to trade other pieces of furniture for the same slot. What is the purpose of doing it now if you cannot use the charms?

    For example - trading a top 10 pet might get you as much as 15bil cs in charms!

    So who benefited?

    The top kingdoms that are LCBC and have massive BFA as they no longer need to buy land and build on it. Their charms will all still count unlike mine.

    Suggesting that we strip these huge accounts is really practical! Although my account is pretty large there is no way I can get through on LBs with much larger stats than me and a massive BFA. There is simply no way I can strip them while they will have no problem whatsoever stripping me. I don't have the gold to buy their allies andI can't hit them successfully. On the other side they have the gold to buy all my allies and have no problem getting through on me! now you made this disparity even larger as I have much less power while these players power was not affected.

    As part of the game as you structured it, charms were a way for us smaller players to even out our build and lack of BFA by building our power in charms. That actually was a way to balance the game rather than just focus on BFA or CS - now you just made BFA much more powerful.

    Granted some people took advantage on loopholes and I am very much against charm farmers! However, the current solution requires significant improvement taking into consideration the problems outlined above.

    Just a thought which I didn't think through - wouldn't it be enough if you limit charms power to multiplier of CS (much higher than 50% though - lets say 20x of CS)? This way the tiny charm farmers accounts can't use their charms while the rest of us don't get harmed!

    Also I will remove the limitation of charms count against either your attack or spy - the way to BALANCE the game is to allow us to use the opposite charms to what we have in CS and BFA.
  9. The solution is to grow and build bfa, simple
  10. Devs made a mistake when they brought charms into the game and I Cant blame people for exploiting, but those same people should've realized it wouldn't last forever lol

  11. Yep. Reading the kaw landscape and predicting the future has been part of this flawed game for awhile now.
  12. There's a lot to digest here, so I'll just try to get through all your points:

    1, 2, & 3 - All of these items still have value, there are lots of players who aren't above the cap and can use them. There are also lots of ways to raise the cap and gain more stats.

    4 - build is incredibly important now, and I think this change made it more important than ever. I can certainly see why it could be frustrating for players to see this change come without warning.

    5 - I don't build the game around what people do with their alts, if players chose to move equipment from alts to their main, it was their decision

    6 & 8 - furniture is valuable, it's worth investing in.

    7 - BFA is incredibly important now, and it's true that it's a tougher choice of what to spend on, but there are more crestplates available in the game to also grow your buildings.

    As for your suggestion about a 20x charm multiplier on building CS... max build CS is roughly 250BCS right now which would mean that players could have 5T in charms... that's way too high
  13. Reposting since it got glossed over.
  14. No idea what you are trying to prove.

    Basically you are saying yafi doesn't exist since 6 years ago, yet you are calling out some unknown yafi hypocrisy.

    Somewhere you probably became confused and irrational.

    Oh well. We have seen that happen plenty of times on those who warred yafi.
  15. I sold all my top10 pets for charms which i really earned in war, now give back the petsss lol
  16. EXACTLY.

    Same thing happened to all the people who traded their charms for rewards when only rewards worked. A bunch of people took a gamble that it would never be fixed, then when it gets fixed they act like they're the ones who werent exploiting the temporary exploit the entire time.
  17. Months of planning went into this change. It certainly was not the first thing that sounded good. I understand that some players saw a nerf to their strength, but players can increase their cap. Buildings can get players up to around 125B cs for charm cap, and allies can increase that far more. There aren't that many players who have 125B cs in charms.

    As for capping charms by a number of charms, that would make a large majority of charms have essentially 0 value to the majority of players, with a handful of charms having extreme value.

    Building crestplates have a specific function and I don't currently have plans to allow them to combine into higher levels of crestplates. They can be used to help change your build though!
  18. First all, I think this has been a much needed and asked for fix as far as charms being rebalanced, so thank you devs. That being said, over all this change does not affect me as I dont pvp regularly or war, however since you never know when a issue may arise, I would like to be best prepared in all ways that I can, with that I have a couple questions:

    1. Would you plz consider putting a charm stat section on our profiles, under the building and ally stat sections? Unless I'm missing something I dont see anything that shows us our total charm combined stats so that outside of pulling out a calculator and going through each one adding them up, which would be a pain.

    2. Ok, hopefully I can ask this clearly. Are you able to strategically collect charms so that they would benefit your build? In otherwords, ex: gj above changed build to a spy build, so he could collect troop heavy atk/def charms to still help his troops build. Or are the effective charm stats divided eveningly among troop atk/def and spy atk/def? Or say your build was more troop atk stat heavy, so you wanted your charms to be defensive heavy stats.

    I think in the long run of this game this was much needed fix, and in reality most should of seen it coming as to how much the imbalanced was affecting different aspects of the game negatively, and the devs saying different times they were looking into this issue. So was really no surprise atleast for me.