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  1. My opinion for those players that are not BC who bought seals then traded for charms should be refunded by devs. This changes screw them badly. My opinion they got scam by devs with their real money. If ata don’t refund them. They should try get the refund from Apple or google. Count how many seals you traded for charms and get the refund on those amount. It’s only fair for small players who lost their charm value to get money back.
  2. I agree, I came back to this game significantly behind. I realized I could sell seals for charms, so I did. I also did a top ten run and did everything I could within TOU/TOS only to have all that time and money account for not as much as I thought it would be. Now I’m capped and have this struggle of do I upgrade or by allies at this point.

    The ally market is already super inflated by LB players with tens of quatrilions of gold at their disposal. There’s no way with legitimate means to compete with that unless I take a mortgage out on my home.

    I think a better idea was to treat charms like allies, capped at a certain number. From there it would be up to trading to make your charm stack what you want it to be. Have an option to destroy some charms you don’t want that give a return of gold, upgrade materials, or any other currency that is still useful to players.

    While I’m on note of change; why on earth can there not be a system to transmute or combine lower level building tokens into bigger building tokens. Treat them like trader tokens. For example 400 lowland tokens or 300 highland tokens yields 50 deepmine or 100 osman tokens. Idk there seems to be a much simpler way to aprproach the grevineces of many.

    Nerfing charms this way was not well thought out, someone just agreed to the first thing that sounded good. Zero forethought went into this. It begs the question if any of the devs actually play this game within the realm of other players and not just in test servers for data collection.
  3. What about the trigem chest, banner tokens and war chests?

    Devs won't do a thing to compensate. This 'fix' is just another cash grab to reach caps and strip funds
  4. A potentially huge variable associated with this is new lands/buildings. Would be good to know if this is happening in the very near future. Difficult to make strategic moves about gold bar usage without knowing. Thanks

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  7. Another thing that hasn’t really been noted is the devaluation of sdt.

    Take a bc hansel with ~2.4b sd and a bc tank with 1b sdt, each with 60b in sd charms.

    Under old system, in a zs strip situation, the hansel would only have the 60b in charms as sd, whereas the tank would have 110b (50b cs 60b charms). So the tank has almost double the sd thanks to the towers.

    Under the new system, the tank still has 50b from the towers, but is capped at 25b charms, for 75b total sd.

    However the hansel gets to keep the 60b in charms.

    75b to 60b isn’t that big an advantage compared to 110b to 60b.

    Goodbye tank builds! Again the devs try to kill build variety by making tanks easier to strip than they ever were.
  8. Make me a mod and I'll make kaw great again
  9. I think SDT is more important because of this. A hansel with no sdt is waaaay easier to strip than a tank with sdt. Hence this still leverages bfa in favor of the tank build. Sdt is always meant to slow bc hansels anyways, its your only sure protection from strips, as now even charm stats can be dropped on strips. Hansels also dont have the advantage of holding gold out for strips (esp if they are actively in osw) as where tanks can. Hansels have always had the lower hand in osw since atks take way more than steals.
  10. Devs got tired of losing money period. Small/mid accounts can compete without spending using charms and the big spender found the black market, leaving the devs in the cold
  11. Lololol. Your butthurt is glorious pusang. Everyone knows how you acquired your charms...same as many others. You have long proudly proclaimed you spend no money on kaw.

    The devs erred greatly and created a huge exploit that created imbalance in the game. Their fix has put an end to exploits that do not generate revenue for kaw. Now LBs that do spend real money on the game are justly rewarded with the strongest builds again. It’s fair to all players and healthy for kaw/ata as revenues should improve again.

    Keep crying tho. And stay self pinned and constant warring to avoid incoming; that’s the only reprieve you will find. ️
  12. Sinan remind us again what happened to that apple laughing emoji guy and all those players who suddenly vanished overnight?

    we all know a real issue with this game that devs don't deal with or care about
  13. “Only sure protection from strips”
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  18. Can you dev add to oyr profile a section where whey can see if whey have too mutch chafm or not
  19. Im sure if falco has charms he wont react that way,exactly my point he got none, and still fails even charms changes, he will cry more
  20. Most think because charms changes effect somewhat the player changesCharms no charms we fight the same or adjust. I noticed after the charms changes somewhat grow balls and hitting back. I can still find targets I can farm 