Charms or Harms

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  1. Ohh all the scammers too. It's ok cause it's their names that will take the hit and them that will be laughed at. I'm currently laughing myself.
  2. ATA Bruce replied to everyone’s points and concerns (Even Snoopy’s charms), except meh

    I wanna be with the cool kids too!

    Don’t make me post “Notice me sempai gifs”!!!!

    Notice me Sempai!!!!!
  3. Damn.. I appealed to both the Shark dev AND the Anime dev..
  4. Mum I made it
  5. :lol: :lol:
  6. 1st Post! Yay!

    Welcome to the forums Z4K1 

  7. Oh look he's admitting that he will start violating the ToU, in the same thread where he's ranting about others breaking it. Can you ban him so that he can get on an alt and start whining even more? xd
  8. You didn't make it Daddi
    Big Daddi Main already on forums (not me, imma squid)
    Someboooty your size doesn't sell seals if you a main.
    Youse youse a mini account so main doenst get bannded
  9. Too bad Grant won't see this post.
  10. OMG OMG!

    Caster noticed meh!!!!!

  11. This the same “ty” that ran the kaw account store and also has bought many different accounts?
  12. Not sure what youre trying to accuse him off. Maybe you could clarify that and perhaps show evidence to support your slanderous accusations.
  13. If ata don't give a rats ass nobody else should either. Just play the damn game or don't. It's not rocket science.
  14. I posted a gif about snitching....My life’s work is complete.

    Ok so, being a has-been is exhausting, but I’ll try to conjure some energy for this topic. GAME CHANGES.

    The KAW player complains when ATA doesn’t do enough, or does too much. The game is dying, the game is stale, it isn’t what it used to be.

    ^ these statements are rampant, and have even become boring and repetitive.

    ATA used to turn a blind eye to account sales, and PayPal transactions, but in KAWs prime, it became a legal problem.

    Now that KAW is less awesome, and way less watched/played...ATA really doesn’t care about chasing shady alley transactions that will likely waste an hour of their life potentially banning someone who actually spends money on their product. It’s business 101.

    Smart if you ask me. Also unfair to those who have been banned for the same thing. But inconsistencies are common for ATA. The TOU isn’t the Constitution.
  15. Will any idiot want to pay real cash it's their problem. Whoever recieve real money will spend it someway back to kaw. This is not the first time some pay real money into the game. Some here will volley gold to your account and yoh pay real cash to the person volleying you the gold. This kind of transaction always cash end up to ATA. Only one you guys should be concern are autoclickers providers lol
  16. ATA should just hire me.
  17. Your stupidity continues to amaze me.
  18. I actually can’t wait for the gifting “feature” to kick in soon.. current trading workflow sucks..

    Check it out.. y’all know it by meow.

    Me: Psst.. (I being a lame ass used to describe what I wanted to trade.. like the whole Long ass name that devs gave to that charm.. now I just pick the one I want to give)

    Cersei: What do u Vant for eet? (Bavarian accent)

    Me: Umm.. (Here I go scrolling down her showcase, noting down names in ).. gives it to her..

    (Here comes the best part)

    She has to scroll the showcase and click on the pic to see the name!!

    Cersei: *Frustrated.. Umm Vhat does it look like!?

    Me: It’s blue.. like a scarf but may be a hat?.. some purple in it

    Cersei: *Increasingly frustrated.. I don’t see it.. I see a periwinkle hoodie.. but I can’t give you that!!

    Me: No! That’s *insert ur fav long as charm name here.. I want the purple-blue scarf!!!

    Cersei: Cant find it.. here.. take this gold ring.. or I farm u!

    Me: Okie!

    AmIRight?... the last time I had this discussion was with my girlfriend when she forced me to go shopping at Lululemon..

    Ok ok I lied.. I don’t have a GF..
  19. You're now married to an angry german. It vhas a trick to get half your charms. ;)

  20. rofl