Charms have no effect...

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  1. important lesson to be learned ...don't spend money on MMOs (any MMOs) I've been trying to tell KAWers for years. 

    ...they all wind up the same way (all of them)  but from what I've seen ATA is one of the worst game developers that promote neurotic behavior for profit PERIOD

    all that nonesense about "building communities" being their no.1 goal 

  2. But boss charms work? ...don't they? :|'s what the tooth fairy told me and the easter bunny and Bigfoot confirmed it 
  3. So when are we gonna get some more f2p eb’s? Still waiting for an abyss and hoarfrost eb

  4. Liar 

    And I really mean that ...if you're not a liar you're so grossly incompetent that it's just a joke
    Gonna honestly and sit there and say charms work exactly like any other equip does? Insulting to say the least.

    And anyone who think they do work exactly like other equip ...seriously go get some mental help you're all victims of Stockholm Syndrome
  5. Should be a badge
  6. I mean, if you believe they don't work I'll gladly take them
  7. Charms dont work on PvP for sure. PvE yes
  8. No. Have tested, results are incredibly similar and differences can be explained by RNG and the nature of differences between ebs' and players' strength (players strength being significantly harder to get a consistent comparison against)
  9. Boom here it was said first !!