Charms have no effect...

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  1. Plenty of people know me lol and you are far from being relevant here. You are annoying to everyone in forums. Please just delete the game.

    Has anyone been testing pvp for smalls with charms?
  2. Kells. Don't feed the Troll.

    It's simple. Ignore him and he goes away, by replying to him you give him his ammunition to keep trolling you and others.

    None of us take him seriously or pay him any heed. Eventually he goes away or gets banned as always.
  3. Kells you have an 8 year badge with less than 150 forum posts havnt posted in ANYONES recent memory but you seem to know my every move so ummmmm yeah you definitely a stalker and noone outside your loser clan knows who you are. Get a life and do like Ecstasy says and leave poor Todd the God of KAW alone. Get your recognition and feelings of self worth through earning it not by jumping the diss ToddBacon bandwagon train ...go back to lurking cause you can't hang 
  4. He uses forum posting as a measurement of KaW success. That's all you need to know about his inability. :lol:
  5. Dude, you're the one interjecting yourself into every conversation on forums and making it all about you and your grade level jokes.

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  6. Long time lurker, seldom post: Thread has been derailed;I'm genuinely interested in the mechanics if anyone has them to post.

    PS Take your banter to a private chat or wall. Nobody cares to read it on the forums. If you think they do then create a thread for it.
  7. Finally people are starting to understand that charms r for nothing other than looks, I was quick to notice it and got lucky that I sold my charms early on for 750usd

  8. Yeah bro I'm with ya 100% they nearly worthless (shoulda kept my hooves) good to see some other people with some common sense around here. Me d3mon and Silverbullet noticed almost immediately also. Me & Bullet pointed it out on another thread ...I really don't see what Grizzle and the other are seeing but hey if believing they actually doing something and running around trading for them makes them happy well good for them (lol)  ...just more RP for them 
  9. It's amazing how people are showing such a lack of understanding for the game mechanics given there's so little to do in this game.

    @demon We may need pictures to actually explain this clearly.

    The tldr: we all know charms give raw stats, there's people with charms that give stats more than six times their bfe does and yet do not gain any sizeable advantage over similar builds without charms.
  10. You definitely made out in that deal lol. I think they have a use but mostly pvp side and is capped. We need to get a few people together to test this one weekend.
  11. Jesus Christ Kells ...READ PREVIOUS POST BEFORE YOU POST. we're talking about PvP everyone complaining about charms having little or no effect are talking about PvP WE DONT CARE ABOUT EB

    ...apparently pictures are needed 
  12. Brief summary of tests done:

    100m charms att - makes no difference
    100m eq att - makes a quite significant difference

    0 charms att vs 100m charms att (no other stats) makes a slight difference (hardly noticable, could be RNG based or connected to % bonuses affecting charms)

    Larger amounts of charms seem to also provide a slight effect but nowhere near what they should. (% bonus?)
  13. You forgot there are like 50 people who still do something other than ebs. Mechanics dont really make a difference for eb fairies. And then taking into account half of those 50 only do it for EE.. yeah. Understandable that they have no clue.

  14. Yep
  15. Just shut up. You’re irrelevant to anything on kaw. I was stating what I was talking about. Get off my ass and grow or delete the app.
  16. .02 I think as previously stated would be correct then right?
  17. No. Its intended to be .02. But its nowhere near that. Maybe .0002
  18. The furniture sux as well but they actually have a slight noticeable effect, more than charms anyways ...CHARMS ARE BS PERIOD 
  19. 11 pages of comments and 1 lonely response from Bruce. My how KaW has fallen. They care so little or at least care so little about showing us that they care at all (read it again don’t worry it makes sense lol). When oh when will you learn Devs. Bring out a gd update...not an another pissin event not another useless “oh look at my awesome update I can now sort my charms and make that arduous process of trading everyone in the whole of KaW is complaining about, easier” update. No how about an update worthwhile. Wait for it. How about you update the pathetic pots and mith spells and make new ones really make a difference. Make them a good gold sink if you have to but update them for God’s sake. The current pots and mith spells are so ridiculously out of date it’s actually pathetic you’ve not upgraded them yet. Worse part, as I’ve stated before, is you already have updated pots. Remember you introduced them but lb at the time (harb actually if memory serves lol) complained so much about how tiny accounts could now hit lb accounts that you reversed the update and took them away. Well it’s time to bring the damn things back. Give us some worthwhile pots that will make an actual difference to attack and defence and mith spells that will do the same. But no doubt yet again this will fall on deaf ears and come Friday a new event encouraging rl money spending will just pop up prepackaged and ready to go. Oh after ofcourse you manage to screw up the equip of the previous event lol. Ok moan over. You know it is actually better to share I feel awesome again. Lol. Happy KaWing everyone.
    Icey out
  20. To get a response from a developer at all is quite an achievement.