Charms have no effect...

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  1. Hey what about Todd and Silverbullet?? LOL ...we called this BS out long before they did  it has nothing to do with bfe or adt. Charms only work if you're gay  other mechanics or math involved 
  2. 17b*.002=34m so does make sense u fail try 25.5b in att charms n that should give u 51m
  3. In all honesty, I think there is basis to this claim but all of your "tests" are such a small sample size that whatever your conclusion is it's still a grab at anything.

    That being said I'm curious and might do a full blown test if I get bored enough. Been a bit since we actually had anyone posts true tests of game mechs to forums.
  4. 0.002 = 0.2%. Its 2%. Aka 340m of what you people call "actual stats", not 34m. Please learn mathematics.
  5. Because as you see the majority of forums are illiterate and dont understand basic maths. No point posting any formulas here.
  6. All these formulas are a waste of typing anyway. If u hit anything besides nk and goth, u realize u fail way more than you should given the stated stat boost of attk charms. Opt in for a weekend, you'll get all the proof you need.
  7. Some people like them. Like I find now more than ever the Mixed vs Balanced hit mechs are amplified more than anything with the newer CS of new builds. Whole thing is I don't know this 100% but I did used to enjoy reading the long forum posts dissecting this stuff and some people are honestly interested. I've been in many CC convos discussing mechs from past that many people still don't know despite half of it being in forums still just requiring an actual search now. It's sad the game chased off tons of those players who had no problem spending days simply figuring out the mechanical differences on plunder / CS / troop strength / BFE / BFA etc. effects and ability.
  8. Nah, don't need to opt in for that. All I'll learn if I opt in again is how many people don't hit battle list but just their atk and spy farms and post "thank you's" for their inability to hit someone who hits back for the most part. Weekend PvP is for event items, not PvP.
  9. Damn, you must be illiterate, says atk alt. But you also must be very slow, if charms are charms why do they add to my equipment stats? They're static bfe. Charms are bfe you're so dense.

    He tested on an eb while my Hansel has opted in PvP and easily hit people with 30m or so in atk defense using just charms.
  10. They don't work poseur grizzly
  11. Todd, the dude who claims to have such a successful life that he simply comes on KaW with a statless alt to project his low self esteem everywhere in hope of having some feelings of worthfulness.

    Quick question, do you think anyone cares about your constant cries for attention? :lol:

  12. :lol: :lol: at least I'm not a virgin :lol: :lol: (yer mom says hi) lol
  13. .. I don't know what to say to this. Not sure if trolling or serious.
  14. He is rather annoying. He posted that he wouldn’t be back in forums if no one said his name in a month here, and no one did. But he still came back lol. Devs need to give him the forum ban for being annoying and trying to derail threads.

  15. Oh look another stalker that no ones ever ever heard of many you loser gonna jump the diss Todd bandwagon train? lol ...buncha delusional butthurts who can't think for themselves and will believe any BS told to them that helps them feel not so insecure about what losers they are ...charms are BS any advantage they give you he negligible (shoulda kept my hooves)'re an idiot 
  16. I’m a stalker because I get on the forums? I can’t think for myself but I recall stating something you said and no one else had brought it up. I’m such a loser so thanks, and charms do work but to a certain point imo. Like stated previously I feel as if they have a cap for some reason atm. I see it being removed in the quick future.
  17. Charms don't affect Epic Battles, it's PvP only

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