Charms have no effect...

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  1. Edit: thank you for fixing this devs and the generous compensation.

    Would be so nice if we could get a charm stat total box like the furniture one... We all love to look at stats and watch them grow.


    Im concerned about something... I've been testing charms and they have no effect on attk power.

    With no charms, a small 150m (raw stats) attk alt can hit TFC from full 17x before troop loss increases, with 350m attk of charms traded to it... Still 17 hits from full. The charms more than triple the accts power with no effect?

    Adding just 65m in BFE extends the hits from full to over 25... Hence its clear that BFE works, which i knew, and charms have no effect... Can the devs explain please?

    People are spending money to get charms and its not right that they do nothing.

    I have discussed this with tech support who have no idea and tried to dismiss it... But its clear to me.... CHARMS HAVE NO EFFECT.
  2. I never noticed a difference. I think its rubbish
  3. That simply means everyone who sold charms for seals made out like bandits.
  4. Glad someone else finally noticed charms have like never made a difference on an account
  5. #exposed Absolutely true though, offensive charms are broken. Good luck trying to convince the idiot charm hoarders though. Also they seem to work defensively, atleast to some extent. Strange.
  6. With 65.5B in charms, the math says I should be able to get through most attacks and defend almost all attacks from builds my range.

    Yet I don't notice much difference with or without the charms, I still fail as much as I would without them during Indis. Something I noticed at the start of the charms BS is that charms don't seem to have the effect you think they would taking the math into consideration.
  7. Now someone do Furniture....
  8. Doesnt work.
  9. Duh... you all need to ug your castle to lvl 4.

    Just ask Swabia for the castle code.
  10. You’re adding them to the wrong number. They don’t increase your bonus to allies mcs, it’s your total strength it adds to. Your bonus to allies mcs most go off of is only 2% of your total strength. So if you’re adding charms mcs to bta mcs, it’s really only 2% of the charms mcs being added. Although even with billions in charms you won’t see much difference.
  11. Op specified raw stats. If you read the OP, you would see that it was raw stats being tested, as 150m raw stat would have trouble on the eb mentioned.
  12. From a war (indi) perspective I support OP. Defensive charms make a huge difference but stacking icetails for attack does very little. Charms are Garbo
  13. Seriously though, I have noticed it in IWars as well. Devs...well, you know what I WANT to say!
  14. I’m not so sure raw stats is what all boost go by not stats to owner that we all use to say what our stats are. But he seems to go on about amount of hits not troop loss is what I would look for. Find a eb them gives trouble use something to raise stats see if that number lower or how much it would take to hit min troop loss.
  15. Dude. Its tested by how many hits you do before you get a higher troop loss. Jeez. Read OP
  16. charm drop panties 
  17. Everyone just gonna ignore that he has 65.5bcs in charms?
  18. #CharmScandal