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  1. What if events start dropping charms also.

  2. Charms and rai crests would be ok,at least your inventory would be cluttered any more
  3. The only trading will be main to alt.......
  4. Good point, what better use for an army of alts

    But pc can't do it, right?

    So just buy 5 or 10 extra devices start noob accounts run the legends for junk and transmute then trade to the main

    Broken game is broken
  5. Issue #1

    Personally, I hate that you can't use the property of a specific equipment once you transmute it

    Example: summoner requires an enchanted talon ring. Currently, if you transmute it, then since it no longer is in the equipment slot you cant hit the main bar.

    If you transmute it any equipment, I feel you should be able to hit the any bar and no longer worry about having to equip the right equipment.

    Issue #2

    Personally once I've transmuted it - I don't want to recollect the item again. Hello??? I'm trying to keep my equipment slots less cluttered why would I want to re-collect equipment that is sooooo outdated... come on man...
  6. Are you saying we will be able to trade charms?
  7. Trading charms is a good idea for making more deals in game happen but very abusable for players with multiple accounts. Would need some sort of trading market value like this eq is worth 10bill so I'll trade it for your 10 bill ally or something. Hope this makes sense
  8. Precisely.
  9. Is it avaidable on droud? Updated app an still dont see a change
  10. Awesome idea bring on the trades/gifting.
  11. Let the extortion begin :)
  12. Yeah you want ceasefire?

    Give me your junk!

  13. Charms Just made me nostalgic for the days when ee didnt suck. Thanks Bruce, i guess.
  14. This happens on pimd would make the game more fun IMO.
  15. I'm not complaining
  16. I don't understand why people have a difficult time understanding simple economics.

    There are players on KaW who spend
    - a significant amount of money
    - average amount of money
    - a small amount of money
    - spend no money

    Ask yourself this: If you owned a business or were head of a major corporation, which of the groups above would you focus your efforts on keeping as customers ? Would you change your whole way of doing business because a window shopper was upset she can't buy that Herm├ęs travel bag and someone else could?

    ATA doesn't keep their doors open, employees paid and the game updated and changed by catering to the players who fall into the last two groups. The game keeps running (so people always have something to whine about) because it has paying customers.

    This misguided sense of entitlement is both amusing and sad. People who feel entitled to something for nothing on a game surely carry that same belief in life outside KaW.

    Short version: If ya don't like it, don't play !
  17. You guys joke but PimD players out-hardcore KaW players in a lot of ways. They'll jump you in a back alley and beat you up until you give them your bedside table lamp.
  18. Lol yeah I found a lot of PvP on pimd been in ca multiple times they don't mess about.

  19. Kaw just got slightly more interesting... Though I'm sure they'll make extortion against tou and ruin it.