Charms as a currency

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  1. This idea is to improve use of charm stats as a currency and to reduce the overall number of charms in our inventory.
    1. Charm store or armoury.
    This allows you add charms you do not particularly want in your showcase into a single charm store.
    (Don't call it a charmoury). This store can appear in the showcase or in the kingdom profile. The mechanism for creating starred charms could be used.
    2. Charm caches
    This allows you to buy from the market a charm (4 types) of fixed values, say 100mcs attk +50mcs def + 50mcs spy +50mcs spy def., (and other combinations) which will appear in the showcase as a charm. This charm will reduce the store by the value of the stats, and will also cost gold.
    Charm caches stack and are tradeable but cannot be added to the charm store.
    This will help traders, buyers and sellers and reduce the size of showcases by having fixed value charms that are easy to add up.
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