Charm Leaderboard

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Tenacious_Dragon, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. We have a variety of Leaderboards in KaW. Why not have a Total Charm Leaderboard? It would give recognition to those that had spent the most time and effort obtaining. What are everyone else's thoughts?
  3. No. Just no.
  4. Omg what a great idea...

    Just kidding. It seems kaws user base gets less intelligent each year :(
  5. KAW doesnt make profit on External Real Cash trades for i dont think so..
  6. Charms in the past furniture for the win...

    The the person who think there intelligent... here a wise saying for u.

    Anybody who not willing to change will get left behind
  7. wat
  8. This is as far as kasama intelligent goes. He catches all my typos, don't mind him. He in training
  9. Are you a saltyfeet wannabe or just stupid?
  10. This is epic bro gg wp

  11. Actually like this idea , also gives players a reference of where they are compared too other players
  12. I agree with Grave, an interesting idea that would be cool to see where you compare.
  13. Id like to see a charm leaderboard too :)
  14. Support
  15. This is worse than how saltyfeet speaks so to kasama
  16. Think that would be a mess. Charms change hands so often that it won’t ever be truly correct. Plus who really cares how much charms someone has. It don’t affect a players overall like rest of leaderboard does
  17. Charms are tradeable and probably would be hard to upgrade that leader board