~Chaotic Pride~ UPDATED

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    Thanks nuke ;)
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    Accepting anyone, that can hit at least haunt, for a limited time. ;)
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    Support 
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    Thanks brother
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    Now the next event has started, we will be accepting anyone while hunting items for the event.
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    Need a bump it
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    That moving matrix kinda thing in the image looks cool!
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    Support to our family good people in CP
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    Thanks crack
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    Now in osw against AOE because Aztec can't fight their own battles! Even when they start them.
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    Are you calling us in? It was your clan members that started hitting me, not me hitting them.

    Anyways this is a clan thread not your banter place, if you want that then create one.

    Stay off this thread.
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    Support this thread 100%
    ☠ B₩₡ {Bє¢αυsє ωє ¢αи} B₩₡ ☠
    Best wishes.
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    I apologise for being disrespectful to chaotic pride and all allies. We ask that you stop hits and we go back to clan vs clan against Aztec.
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    Smoke on if you can hit you can join
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    100% support!! Great clan
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    Thank you
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    ╓╖ Looking for Perms
    ║ ђค๏ҭเς Item Hunting
    ╙╜ ㄗгเ๔є Haunt/Origins
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    ╓╖ Looking for Perms
    ║ ђค๏ҭเς Item Hunting
    ╙╜ ㄗгเ๔є All welcome