Chaos wars

Discussion in 'Wars' started by MM--Monkey--of--Mayhem--MM, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. The idea is a chaos war, 2 clans 20 or more players , duration till end, max 3 xtals hit restrictions off, the difference being that once you have been ko your dropped from your Clan, winner is last in each Clan, careful use of your 3 xtals required! Play as a Clan or as an individual! Any thoughts ?
  2. I'd definitely try it a few rounds. Last man standing, KaW-style.
  3. Nice idea! Support
  4. Sounds good with development. Would definitely try.
  5. Support sounds like a good idea would be fun long as the devs execute it correctly
  6. Sounds great 👍 support from me , lets do it Devs 👊
  7. Good keep it up
  8. Further thoughts and refinements, some would like this to be a closed bracket or C's war with players within a certain C's bracket say 10 to 50 MCs and so on with all stats taken into account, to clarify the ko system and xs , at the start each player is allowed three X and war starts full bars, during the war each individual member can only be ko once this will remove him from clan, however he can use his X to save himself from a ko, any other thoughts ?