Chaos Wars (6/8 - 6/15)

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. I realy like the individual wars. It brings back the fun and chaos of season 1. And guess what all u chicken ee builds can stay in your lb sh stacked clans. I bet most of the ppl. In the individual wars. Are like me mid too small build and cant join staked ee clans. We just like war we dont need to stack the odds in our favor. We show up too the battle field and fight. Thats why i perfer osw over stacked one sided system wars. Keep the chaos comeing kaw.
  2. Hi Kaw,

    Any chance we get some of the next week wars at 8pm gmt? When EE started the war planning was different everyday with one dau at 7pm gmt, the next at 8pm gmt and so on.

    Easy to do and will make a lot of players happy.

  3. Individual wars are the way forward
  4. Hi KaW,

    I know you are busy with pot crisis but pls consider putting few wars back to 8pm gmt next week.

  5.  any consideration for 8pm gmt wars?
  6. Nice but i have tried 4 times this season for a war and haven't got one
  7. Do you lose edge if you lose in an individual war?
  8. Has anyone found out how to join a clan after casting if you cannot war? I do not wish to be inactive and cannot cancel the event spell...
  9. Why are Saturday and Sunday wars called 16, 2, 3 & 1,2,3?
  10. Since only doing 1 hr wars, why not have more of them? Is 3 hr sign up really necessary? I think not. I myself prefer the 2 hr wars.
  11. Ok fine I like the individual wars too. Just need more rewards if not getting ee.
  12. Interesting that you have matched several all SH rosters against mixed rosters (which they are all winning...funnily enough)

    Why didn't you just match all SH rosters against each other?