Chaos Wars (6/8 - 6/15)

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  1. Dont bring back the 8 pm gmt wars, the extra hour hurts more people on the east coast.
  2.  maybe a mix of 7pm and 8pm?
  3. I agree. Don't be so black and white devs. Mix them up a bit
  4. Please add more individual wars.
  5. I can finally war for like the first time since season 1 n ee trials!!  finally have great times for CST plus it's summer so no school so I have time also!
  6. Why did we switch from 10 PM est to 9 PM est? That hour difference means I only get to war half as much as before. After asking around the consensus seem to be the same for a lot of ppl. Change the PM wars back to the way it was before please.
  7. Kaw admin, I look forward to seeing more Individual wars. Weekends and more times, also some early wars of this type for SGT players. If you look at the turn out for regular EE wars vs these new type, it's obvious which ones the community likes more.
  8. thanks for changing the 10pm edt wars to 9pm edt, when i work overnight shift i can still war before goingto work
  9. WE NEED MORE INDIVIDUAL WARS. They are sooooooo much fun
  10. yes, and way LESS individual wars, they are no fun at all.

    (And my fav war is sh against sh)

    Without the inactive noob element.
  11. I truly love seeing members from notoriously stacked ee clans complaining about individual wars . The majority of kaw can finally enjoy war, yet assholes like you still complain. None of your wins deserve one ounce of respect . Shame on you all for what you've done to this warring aspect of this game.
  12. im glad i wasnt complaining, but figured the magority of seadoned warriors that are used to warring with people that actually know what they are doing, are not voicing thier oppinion and the devs only hear the no tower cant get accepted in anything but a tvp clan enjoy rolling the dice on getting mith and ee by the othe clan having bigger noobs and more inactives.

    Its like the usa robbing the mental institutions and putting them on the front lines in war, they sure do enjoy blowing **** up, but no marine wants to put thier life in thier hands.

    Im all for the mentally ill having fun. I just dont want to join them all the time.
  13. More individual wars please!
  14. More Individual wars pls
  15. @angel

    EVERY build can have a place and role in war. The only reason they currently can't participate is because of clans like yours.
  16. Pls can we get some 8pm gmt wars back? Let s say a 2-3 per week. Makes everybody happy
  17. i dont disagree spilatch, its just the way the mechanics of it works.

    unless a clan takes the first 11, 15 or whatever that cast and war for the fun of it, they do some sort of "stacking" (building roster for advantage)

    as long as bfa is not factored as it was in season 1 it cant be fixed.

    Regardless, thats not what makes the indi wars undesirable. warring with a group that can tell if someone xtaled, just by how many time they hit them, or was hit, calls out troups left, or spies left, who they sko on etc, is just fun, win or loose. when a group can just war and know what to do.

    When i was with tgia reborn it was like that, heck most times we did not even need a WC, everyone just did what thier builds do best. That is enjoyment to me.

    I love warring at ghost deathsquad, no stacking at all, best wars are against other all sh clans. win or loose.

    So its not what everyone just assumes, oh they cant stack they dont like it, its warring with very good people no matter what needed for builds, I warred towered mid, gh, ps, towerd gh, and sh. honestly sh is the most fun.
  18. Any chance we get few 8pm gmt war next week?
  19. 1 individual war a day would be great
  20. I got asked to rank Kaw right in the middle of that war!!! How stupid!!!  Timing was way off 