Chaos Wars (6/30 - 7/6)

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  1. Bravo! IW is back~~~ fat hansel like me is able to war 
  2. Damn .what's up with all the indi wars .plz at atleast do 50% of each .no indi wars for us .we war as a clan .thanks .donw with moles ,inactives ,no xtalers n mith
  3. And Please change time back to 10 est!! Ty
  4. @kratos, you are the reason for all the indi wars. If you didn't stack lb with so many sh and war as a ***** , you wouldn't see the devs attempting to avoid exploiters.
    Man up, you want to war lb then fight lb instead of trying to war weak
  5. Val i have seen u guys use shs plus PS. Remember u got a top account like IMf .tell me u guys don'T stack none of us is a saint so don't point fingers .ty n happy kawing hun
  6. Might b better to stagger wars

    MWFU - ind wars
    TRS - clan sign up wars

    I think better if u do it this way
  7. Twice as many people do individual wars than clan wars.

    Think about it from a business sense and you will always understand what the Devs do.

    If you want clan wars get more people to do them, if not then please stop moaning.
  8. the numbers have been roughly similar lately

    Plus the individual warriors half the time don't xtal
  9. The more you guys stack, the less people war, eventually you wont have any clans to match up with - long live Indie wars - Future warring 
  10. Support to indi wars devs, thank you
  11. There are 150 people doing next war slot.

    Usually at least 300 doing individual.
  12. suggestion is to rotate individual war and regular war on I war by war basesfor example Mundy individual war regular war individual 20 regular war individual war regular war and so on to the weekend
  13. Kratos, Valor had a point. Warlor always fought the strongest because they were the strongest. SH is pretty much mandatory to win in clan wars. But individual wars make everything fair and places everyone in their category.

    Down with SH and Roster stacking! Thanks for indi wars devs
  14. @kaw_whoeverWantsToAnswer. Lol
    Why are we getting rancor? I dont believe the
    season has started and the last event is over.
  15. support indi wars keeps clans from stacking/manipulating wars Thanks Devs
  16. DEVS DON'T LISTEN TO HATERS. Listen I will say it again like i always do. Write if your going to give ideas to the devs in forums. Don't keep COMPLAINING if you don't like their ideas don't play the game. AND PLEASE STOP SAYING NO SUPPORT every time the post something new. Thank you. Also if you have any kaw- related questions write them on my wall:)
  17. Yo Death Get A War Build Then Come Talk 2 Me ofcourse u like indi wars .no real war clan will take u we worked hard for ours
  18. Just curious ... Did u just say wit wasn't a real war clan? 
  19. Clan wars keeps CLAN FROM GETTING BULL CRAPS INACTIVES/Noob etc.