Chaos War 10 - No Matches At All?

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Philabuster, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. Congratulations guys. I wonder if this is a first? No matches at all in Chaos War 10.

    I suppose it was bound to happen, especially with a roster size of 20.
  2. Good job guys, good job.
  3. Maybe server overwork last few week need a rest . Hint hint : time to upgrade 
  4. Idk why devs would put 20v20 for this times... Theres barely any matches at 11v11
  5. And 2 hour wars suck I like one hour
  6. I think 48 hour EE should be tried once
  7. That's indeed correct.

    One request quite a few people had was for us to change up the 20 person roster size with other time slots. The reason we hadn't done this in the past was because of this very reason, but we felt with Season 3 over we would give it one more shot.

    Needless to say, we won't be having the 20 person roster size in our early morning time slots any more.
  8. Just do away with the blasted 20 man wars kaw! Last time (before this change) you dumped uk with 20 man wars only! Let's be honest more clans sign up for 11 man right? That means more wars for us and more money for u! It's not rocket science!!
  9. @Kaw_Community

    I dont see any 15v15 wars 
  10. @kaw

    I reckon you should make two clans with unlimited members, owned by KaW admin an KaW community then have a massive fight :eek:
  11. @FightTheFight
    That actually made me want to do EE. The chaos in that war would be beautiful. Bwahahahaha
  12. can 11 Vs 11 be called a "war"?
  13. You bet. 11on 11 is awesome. I wish the devs get rid of 20 on 20
  14. Why not a 50vs50 match 2hr classic. Just mix it up. Try new stuff.
  15. The 50 vs. 50 sounds good every now and then. Rosters so big mids can get in. Last 50 vs. 50 was a blast!
  16. The 48 hr war is a great idea . They were fantastic .