(change your build day) thread is a sham

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by __________LOB_________________, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. Dem multiples 
  2. Dang after seeing all the accusations that the other thread was full of bs and multiples and that hundreds if not thousands did not support it, I was expecting to see hundreds of pages of support for op.
    guess there isn't that much support for you op and you are way outvoted.
    Don't feel too bad. At least you did your own thread even if you got your facts totally wrong.
  3. Clean it up then, still has more support than your thread 
  4. You miss spelled my name.
  5. Aye whatup I'm on there
  6. So, people said support twice and the op double posted.

    Who wants to bet op is a dev alt trying to destroy a good idea?
  7. It must be nice to have so much time to waste.
  8. I support this thread 
  9. I too support the content in this thread
  10. It's really not hard to make gold I've made 345b in my HTE clan in 4 days. I haven't been on much but it's really easy to make gold and should be no problem.
  11.  azzaro open for hits/steals lol
  12. 345b, In 4 days. What are you investing it in? Pots? Or is land that expensive?