Change the war system!!

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  1. Big support. As some who has been playing EE since it was a beta, this needs to happen. If I can't plan builds, or strats, and the team listen, I don't care much. If we could coordinate 30-40 players back in the day, there's no reason we can't have 10-man clan wars back.

    (170/202 EE record since beta)

    Pre-S1 Worms
    S2 Worms
  2. Bump.

    Full support.

    Would hate to see this thread lost in the echoes of all the other great suggestions that went to the graveyard because they fall on deaf ears.
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  3. Um bump! Chaos wars was amazing! If you can't bring anything else back . 10 random people 10 random build for a random style of war. EVERY 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour war slots. Example. 10 am 1130 am 1pm 230 pm 4pm 530pm etc... make ee battle rewards better than epic battle rewards again. It used to be ee battles were spy heavy on rewards and epic battles were attack heavy on rewards by default. Now, every eb is better than ee rewards in all aspects.
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