Change the war system!!

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  1. Hi everybody,
    I would like to improve this war system, wars are getting worse and worse because of inactive, alts an moles....
    we are having currently 5 wars in 24 hrs , my idea is having 3 clans war per day and 2 for everybody ... the risk to have those trash players in a clan war will be minimise to 0 and with just 2 wars those Trash players won’t be able to get top 10 never and ever....
    I hope all the true warriors will support my idea and Devs will improve drastically this EE .
    Ubberto ✌🏼
  2. Full support 🔥...i hope devs make a change 🎈
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  3. Fully support! Devs need to do something about ee wars not these stupid promos!
  4. I agree, being an ex mole/leaker with many alts it's easy for people to cast alts and ruin wars, get ss and then move on to the next alt,,, and repeat,
    Support ubb
  5. Support! Everyone wants to chase top 10 but not all deserve it, especially the people casting alts to do so. We need to choose our war mates, because we wanna enjoy war experience and not be constantly wasting an hour of our time war commanding a war that is fated from the start, because the moles are pretty much known and we cant do nothing about it except report them but if one account has ss, there will be 100 more ready to throw a good war.

    P.s. Ty big woof for warring right! We ❤️ Ya
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  6. Even pay 10 nobs to join war will be a great idea... devs will give us 20 nobs for free so you have 2 chances to win the war, if you win a war you get 20 nobs as rewards. And top 10 will get 200 nobs as rewards.
  7. Devs have neglected wars for too long now. Idk if this is the right change but something needs to be done for sure.
  8. they act like its mission impossible making a few new scripts n platforms here n there, its just a sheer lack of effort and care, fully support nubberto 💙♿️
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  9. Much support ! A change is need to be made, too many moles and alt.. cant enjoy wars like that.
  10. Full support, devs really should improve EE experience.
  11. Full support this change.
  12. I stopped warring for some time now, because the current war system sucks. Ubberto has a valid suggestion here. If the war system can be twerked a little or totally changed to minimize casting alts and having moles, I would be grateful. Ty ubber for the suggestion.
  13. I support the proposal. Some clan wars would be super fun and a nice change of pace.

    tbh, I’m not so sure inactives and moles are much of a problem, at least not in T1. Devs hand out shattered sword like candy to people who are inactive or reporting mole; and no one wants shattered sword on their main in T1. Perhaps it is more of a problem in lower tiers, but I would guess they get SS there too.
  14. Ongoing technical issues causing freeze ups at 1% glitch troops allowing opponents to ako me while I have troops but can’t attack has caused me more losses than moles, and they haven’t fixed that so I have little if any hope of anything promising from war developers. They system is broken and they either can’t or won’t fix it.
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  15. A simple fix for now would be the return of indi lowland war, this war I disliked immensely but I can now see the value of choosing your clan mates based on build experience and activity during war, most lowland clans did not suffer fools gladly. Devs fix one issue with war at least please
  16. I support this...Been losing matches very often due to constant inactives/leaks...Need clan wars back!
  17. Fully support.
  18. I support. Top 10 full of accts not trying because they will cast every war to get in top 10. Everyone knows wars are being thrown, and by who so they wouldn't get in the clan wars. Plus with the limited number of actual players warring ee the clan wars will bring more people back to the ee war portion of the game...
  19. Would be nice to pick yorur warriors and avoid moles!!